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‘People died and Cuomo lied’ – NY Dems turn on Cuomo

"We gave precedence to the DOJ. We told the assembly that, we told the Senate that and that's what we did. We were also...

Pataki: New York Should Recall Cuomo

“I think it would be appropriate to take a hard look at that,” former New York Governor George Pataki, 75, said in an interview...

Rep. Stefanik: Gov. Cuomo and his team should be “prosecuted immediately”

"Governor Cuomo, the secretary to the governor, and his senior team must be prosecuted immediately – both by the attorney general of New York...

Gov. Cuomo Faces Twitter Backlash For Shutting Down Indoor Dining in NYC

"Indoor dining will close in New York City starting Monday," wrote New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo on Friday. "Hospitalizations have not stabilized, and with a...

NY Gov. Cuomo: ‘If You Take Away The Money From Orthodox Jewish Community, They Will Comply’

New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo has threatened to withhold public funding from Orthodox Jewish communities that do not enforce the Covid-19 rules at schools....

Cuomo Blames Trump for Covid-19: “He Doesn’t know How to Govern”

"I think it's a leadership question with the president," said Gov. Andrew Cuomo in an interview with MSNBC on Thursday. "I think it's a...

Trish: ‘Tax the Rich!’ Proposals Gaining Steam as NYC Economy Struggles

One of the highest tax cities in the world is about to charge its residents even MORE--all for the great privilege of living in...

You’re Supposed to Be the Governor of NY, Mr. Cuomo. Not a Street Thug

Cuomo's Implicit Threat to the President The Democratic Governor of New York unveiled a threatening and possibly violent message against the President of the United...

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