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Bitcoin Gold Rush: At Nearly $50,000 a Coin – What’s Fueling Crypto’s Meteoric Rise?

At nearly $50,000 a coin, bitcoin is proving to be a new kind of "gold." It was only a few weeks ago that the...

Bitcoin SOARS on Tesla’s Epic Investment

Bitcoin Soars to New High of $44,000  Elon Musk Says Telsa Will Accept Bitcoin as Payment Tesla Spends $1.5 billion of its $19...

Stock Market Today: Futures Tumble

So much for a strong finish to the week. Wall Street lower is bracing for a lower open on Friday. Indeed, S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100...

Bitcoin Plunges 11% – “Double-Spend” Concerns Drive Sell-Off

The value of bitcoin took a hit Thursday, down 11%, as investors questioned what had been dubbed in an online trade blog as a...

China Economy Soon Predicted to Equal Size of U.S.

As economies around the world grapple with coronavirus, only one global player managed to post growth in 2020; China. China logged 2.3% growth, while every...

New Jersey Gym Owner Claims State Seized $165,000 From His Bank Account

A New Jersey gym owner that refused to abide by state Covid-19 closure rules says the state drained his bank account -- all $165,000...

Authorities Sound Bitcoin Alarm “You Could Lose It All”

It's the Wild West of investing -- and authorities are now sounding the alarm, warning investors of the challenges ahead for crypto currencies. The UK's...

The Race For a Global Digital Currency

Bitcoin may have surpassed $40,000 USD this week but, watch out--there's a new kid emerging on the cryptocurrency block. China. This week, the People's Bank...

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