Ted Cruz Jokes: “Joe Rogan Might Be The President of Texas” if State Were to Succeed

Texas Senator Ted Cruz admitted that Texas may succeed from the United States should “things become hopeless” though he does not anticipate that happening.

Speaking at a recent event at Texas A&M, Texas made the comments in response to a question asked by a student about what Texas would do in the event that state officials wanted to succeed from the rest of the country.

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Cruz repsponded that Texas has a responsibility to the rest of the country. Nonetheless, if the Democrats were to “fundamentally destroy the country” and, “if they pack the Supreme Court, if they make D.C. a state, if they federalize elections and massively expand voter fraud, there may come a point where it’s hopeless,” explained the Republican Senator.

He added, “we’re not there yet. And if there comes a point where it’s hopeless, then I think we take NASA, we take the military, we take the oil.”

Michael Knowles, a conservative commentator conducting the conversation with Cruz asked (jokingly) if Texas would also take Joe Rogan. Cruz laughed and said tongue in cheek, “Joe Rogan might be the President of Texas” were such an event to occur.

The comments were first reported by CBS News.


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