Thanks to Trump, Americans Prevented a ‘Blue Wave’

Though the ballots are still being counted, the biggest takeaway in this election is that Americans prevented a “blue wave.” In fact, there wasn’t even a ripple. If you asked me, we dodged a massive bullet. Seriously. I’m not sure how long we can make it last, but the reality is, at least with the Senate staying red, we won’t have to deal with a socialist government. Which is where Democrats want to take us.

Think about “The Squad” and the so-called “progressive” movement inside the Democratic party. They are pushing hard for a socialist agenda. This is not the Democrat Party of my father (or even my grandfather’s) generation. This is a new Democrat Party–run by socialists–including Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, who gets the cover of a magazine posing in 14,000 dollars worth of clothes. Another reminder that socialism never works because people are too self-interested.

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At least if the Senate holds, you’ll have some adults in the room. They will work towards making sure that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris don’t get to first base when it comes to spending all that stimulus money that they want. With our national debt level surpassing $27 trillion, we are clearly in need of some fiscal discipline.

Consider the success we have had thus far without even a second round of stimulus. 33.1 percent annualized growth is historic. We’re doing pretty well considering that we shut ourselves down. Those wounds, remember, were self-inflicted. (I still argue for political reasons.)

Nonetheless, we can manage through this and we WILL manage through this. But please remember: We don’t need a whole bunch of government spending that will get us nowhere.

So, while Donald Trump may still pull off a final win — one thing is clear: the United States of America rejected the insanity of socialism and a blue wave.

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