Kamala Harris’s Economic Policies Need Work

The good news is: she’s not Elizabeth Warren.

The bad news is: she still likes higher taxes, government-run health care and embraces an anti-business agenda that would hurt the American economy.

Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential nominee, Senator Kamala Harris, has offered little in the way of meaningful economic policy. However, the policies she has articulated a view on, lack depth and show her favoritism for socialism. Her coronavirus stimulus proposal is effectively a kind of basic income. With Senator Bernie Sanders, she introduced a proposal to provide every U.S. resident, including those that lack social security numbers and have never paid tax, with $2000 a month until three months after the Covid-19 pandemic has subsided. Fundamentally, our economy cannot afford an indefinite handout such as that. Meanwhile, her health care proposal is a broad, Medicare-for-all type product that would allegedly still allow for some private insurers. It’s costly and lacking in both pragmatism and details. Finally, her tax policy ideas–including the reinstitution of a tax cut benefiting the wealthiest Americans in high tax states–are entirely out of touch with the middle-class agenda she allegedly supports.

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Specifically, she would like (as many in her party would) to see a repeal of the Trump administration’s corporate and individual tax cuts, including the individual tax cuts that benefit the middle class while penalizing the ultra wealthy in locations like New York and California. If you didn’t already know, I’m not a huge fan of taxes, especially when bloated government programs offer so little in return for our hard earned dollars. In the case of these high tax states, the President’s new policies prohibit the deduction of state and local taxes from the federal return, and yet, THIS is what Kamala Harris is choosing to fight? I mean… really. If you’re going to campaign for lower taxes for the rich–just be honest about it!

Meanwhile, she (like Biden) has made her point of view on healthcare quite clear… and, like other members of her party, wants to enact a government run program that would run up liabilities into the trillions. There is no innovation in her health care agenda, a disappointment given her father’s background as an economist and her mother’s background in medicine.

All that said, Kamala Harris has an impressive record as a prosecutor and as California’s Attorney General. She put many criminals behind bars–and once stood for law and order in a passionate and important way. However, in this moment in time…that’s not exactly a selling point. With the “defund the police” movement gaining popularity among democrats, it’s unclear how her past work will be received by her party, although it may be helpful in convincing independent voters that she is not a crusader for lawlessness.

Meanwhile, on a personal note, I rather like her demeanor…(not always…sometimes her questioning is too rabidly political) however, I do appreciate her directness and willingness to intellectually box her opponent into a corner. But, I could be the exception. Many Americans may find her personality somewhat polarizing, and thus, they’ll need an opportunity to see her more. Fair question: is three months enough for America to appreciate and understand her? The democrats are taking a chance with a strong personality like hers as VP. But, I’m not sure it will fly having her play second fiddle to a man who often doesn’t quite seem to know what day it is. She’s clearly the lead. Perhaps their intention. Perhaps they realized their mistake in nominating a man who is so often verbally quite lost?

Nonetheless, all the personality in the world won’t translate to jobs. A good economy is the result of good policy. As such, most Americans are not quite ready to trade prosperity and capitalism for high taxes, slow growth, and economic instability. The months ahead will be historic and critical in our path forward.

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