The Party of Trump Kicks Off Convention Week…

Welcome and Happy Monday! It’s a big week ahead and I’ll have it all right here for you at Online and through my emails and PODCAST, you’ll hear my take and analysis on this week’s political and economic events…free from any main stream media baggage…direct to you.  

I’m back because I care. I care about our economy, our jobs, our future and I care about you. You deserve a fair characterization of what’s going on in the world–free from the bias reflected too often now in the new cycle.

I will always call it like you see it–no matter the fury from the left, no matter the fury from the right. I’m will always stand up for our freedoms.

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As Americans, we’ve earned that freedom. It’s what our country was founded upon. And yet, today, there are many politicians that want to rob us of that…through higher taxes, a socialist style of government, and massive restrictions on our freedom of speech.

It cannot happen… and will not happen…not if we stand up against cancel culture together. As you well know, I’m fierce, I’m tough…and I tell it like it is. So, I will continue pushing for an America that is a true meritocracy because I stand for an America that provides real opportunity. I stand for an America that is willing to listen to all sides so as to best understand the issues.

This is the greatest country in the world – with the strongest ECONOMY in the world. In order for us to maintain our quality of life, we must make sure our country and each of us as individuals continue to grow…economically, socially, mentally and independently. We cannot shut out ideas…instead, we should welcome the ability to understand all sides.

Together, we will do our part to preserve the land of the free and the home of the brave for our future generations.

Thank you for your tremendous support. And, make sure to spread the word, share the links, download the podcast, subscribe to the site and my youtube channel and instagram page…it’s all here…FREE.

Trish is back!



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