Trish: A Solid, Clear, WIN for President Trump in the Final Debate

Donald Trump won the debate. The “change agent” that America elected in 2016 was back on stage–in great form–and up against a career politician who was really showing his 47 years in public office.

Though Joe Biden was a formidable opponent, who managed to not lose his train of thought (for a change), President Trump was simply better. Sharper. More direct. Less “political.”

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Meanwhile, the President’s policy, itself, is better.

The moderator performed well. Granted, our bar has become quite low for moderators these days… and, though she failed to ask Joe Biden about court-packing (a rather important issue under the circumstances) she did provide a question about whether Biden used his position to profit off of foreign countries like Ukraine and China.  Joe Biden, in his kind of “non-denial” denial (he still hasn’t addressed the authenticity of his son’s laptop filled with text messages and emails that indicate he may have played a role in his son’s business), told America he had never accepted a single dollar from any foreign entity.

The follow-up question should have been, “But, did your son? On your behalf?”

Moments before the debate, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, held a press conference in which he confirmed the authenticity of the Biden emails in question and admitted that there, “was no question. ‘H’ stands for Hunter and ‘the big guy’ stands for Joe Biden.”

YET, the Biden camp insists this is all Russian “disinformation” and therefore, not worthy of reporting on? As such, big tech and big media are trying to shut the story down.

Granted, there’s nothing illegal about Hunter Biden trading off the family name. Unseemly perhaps, but not illegal.

However, IF his father was taking a percentage in exchange for certain lobbying style favors? If his father was using him as a kind of bagman to hold money for him? Well, THAT would be a problem. And therefore, it’s a question still worth asking.

Meanwhile, the President’s ease talking about the economy was on full display. He pointed to the recent success that the U.S. has had as it has begun its reopening while Biden mistakenly said all Americans could KEEP their healthcare under Obamacare. (They could not.) Additionally, in one of the most stunning moments of the evening, the President effectively got Joe Biden to admit he aimed to suspend the production of oil. Something extremist on the left clearly welcome, while most Democrats still recognize the vital importance of the industry to the American economy.

The bottom line is that the President delivered an excellent, in-control, kind of performance. While many wished he’d done this the first time around, the reality is: better late than never. Typically, incumbents are often are challenged in their first debates… it’s clear he made up for any of his previous shortcomings this time around — perhaps providing more independents with a reason to vote for Donald Trump again.

As for Biden? His economic policy would send America in the wrong direction. I think we can all agree with 50 cent…who says he has no interest in becoming 20 cent. Higher taxes, additional regulations, will stifle our economy just as it’s getting started again.

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