Trish Torches Biden’s ‘Authoritarianism’ — ‘An All-Out Assault on Our First Amendment!’

This is a rush transcript of The Trish Regan Show, July 19, 2021 and may be updated. 

Trish Regan: Facebook is killing people,” according to the president of the United States of America. (Watch today’s video and follow along, or play the audio below.)

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This is an all out assault on our First Amendment, nothing less. The administration not even hiding its desire to be authoritarian as it seeks to shut down any opposing views on vaccines. And this, I promise, will only make the situation much worse.

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Whether it be the White House press gal, whether it be Anthony Fauci, whether it be Biden’s new surgeon general, or whether it is the president himself, they’re all out there right now and they’re spinning, spinning, spinning, spinning.

And they are trying their darndest to scare the heck out of big tech, which, let’s face it, is not very hard to do. Right, because big tech is terrified that the Biden administration is going to break them all up.

But you know what? Individual choices matter. Our ability to do research and make our own decisions, that matters. Absolutely. It’s first and foremost, for goodness sakes, it’s our own First Amendment.

Before I get to that, a word from one of our sponsors. (commercial)

Meanwhile, speaking of insanity, we’ve got plenty of that to go around these days because getting back to what’s happening with our First Amendment, this is real. I mean, this is really very scary stuff. When you think about what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to have a group think. Right. They have a viewpoint. The administration believes that the vaccine is critical. And so instead of convincing people, by allowing them to read all science surrounding the vaccine, instead they want to force a decision among the public.

The Importance of Trusting Americans

I think that this is a very misguided way of going about it, because individuals need to be able to hear all sides. This is kind of basic. I trust people. I really do. And, I trust them to do their research and to do their due diligence and to learn and to make decisions that are right for them and their families.

You know, I want all that information, regardless of what I decide. I want to be able to read everything right, the good, the bad and the ugly. Look, I want to be able to read the scientific stuff. I want to be able to read the opinion stuff. I want to be able to read all sides, even if some think they’re crazy.

The problem is you can’t do that right in this environment right now. I actually experienced this directly myself when doing a search on the Internet. And I want to tell you about that because it shows you how scary this is. But first, another quick word from one of our sponsors.


Shadow Banning

Let’s get back to this insanity that’s happening right now that I find incredibly alarming. I’ll tell you, I was trying to do some research on the Pfizer vaccine. And so one day, I believe, it was back in April, there was a report out that had been published by Oxford University, which, by the way, was the same unit that had done all the research for AstraZeneca. And AstraZeneca had run into some troubles of its own over there in Europe concerning strokes. And so they [Oxford] did a report on Pfizer, which basically concluded that Pfizer had a set of risks as well, just like AstraZeneca, and they were somewhat similar.

So that’s kind of an important piece of information, right? I mean, if you’re gathering information about a vaccine, it may not dissuade you from actually getting the vaccine because all the studies would also show even if you were prone to stroke issues, you would still be better off with the vaccine. BUT, you should have the information, right?

The Shadow Ban is Real

You should be able to look at and digest ALL this information. So I see this study, it comes out it was actually on the which is publication I used to work at, and I read it and then I tried to pass it along to one of my friends. And so I searched for it again.

Only now I can’t find it.

Now, what is it? And it was just here like five minutes ago. It just came out newly released information. And all of a sudden it was what you would call a shadow ban. It had been buried among the search results. And so now today, if you look for it, I mean, you have to know what you’re looking for. Which is part of the problem here. You’re not like presented with all sides. You’re going to get a very specific viewpoint, one that the administration wants you to have. And the problem with that is that, look, you know, you can’t hide information from us people. We all have different risk sets in this society. And we all want to be able to assess the information ourselves. And you need to trust us.

I mean, they must think we are just really stupid people and we need to be told what to think. But that’s not the American way, right? We all like to be able to consume our own information, look at all the different sides, make our own individual choices. And this is our right. We should be able to do that.

And yet Joe Biden and the rest of them over there in the White House, well, they don’t think we deserve it. They don’t want us to have information that might be at odds with what they want us to think. And this is nothing about whether you should or shouldn’t get the vaccine. I mean, most studies have shown that you’re better off with it, but shouldn’t you be able to read the ones that might suggest something else?

Or maybe if you’re somebody who’s concerned about having a stroke, maybe you won’t be able to read all things. I’m telling you, it’s alarming that they are not allowing us to have full access to all of this.

The Authoritarian Creep Keeps Happening

I mean, it’s the same thing is with the Wuhan virus, right? Remember how you weren’t allowed to talk as a journalist? I wasn’t allowed as a publisher. I wasn’t allowed to talk at all. I mean, I did. I’ve suffered the consequences, believe me. But I will take it all day long. I just will, because I believe in freedom of speech and I believe you should hear everything right.

You need to have both sides in order to make the best decision for yourself. But when it came to the Wuhan virus, gosh, I mean, we’ve now learned that, in fact, it may very well have come out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. You you weren’t allowed to even look into that or even suggest that before. So what’s really going on here?

They have an agenda and they are going to force that agenda on all of us. But here’s the problem with that. The problem is we’re way too independent. I mean, don’t forget don’t forget who you’re talking to, right? These are Americans and our roots are in independence. What do you think 1776 was about?

No Group Think

We are independent individuals with our own minds. We want to make our own conclusions. So let us have the information. I mean, don’t I have a right to that? I’m a pretty smart person. But you know what? Even if I wasn’t, I ought to be able to read everything that I want to get my hands on. It’s just the right thing to do. And the authoritarianism that our government is embracing is very scary. Because they want to rob us of that opportunity to understand everything that is never a solution, and I’m going to tell you why, what happens is it backfires and it backfires big time, because if you do that, you consequently wind up with a population that doesn’t trust its government at all.

I mean, you talk to anyone who grew up in the former Soviet Union, and you know what? They don’t have any trust for that government. They really don’t. And so a lot of people there don’t believe in the vaccine because the government is pushing it right. So when the government pushes something, it needs to understand that you can only push so far.

You can recommend. You can’t push. You can’t mandate. You can recommend. But you must have respect for the individuals. And that’s what’s gotten lost in all of this. And, you know, the vaccines are one issue and, you know, but but it’s much more than that, right? Because when they don’t allow you I mean, the whole realm of the New York Post story on the laptop, that was kind of a big deal. And they shut down the New York Post Twitter account as a result of it. And then it turns out, oh, the FBI did have an investigation that they were doing into that laptop. I mean, come on. But they don’t want the public to even know about any of this.

Look, The New York Post, they should be able to risk it, right, they can get sued if they’re wrong. It’s not up to government and giant tech companies to shut all this information down. This is a problem. It’s got to get fixed, it really does. I think one of the only ways to fix it is to have more solutions out there. To have more companies, which is why I’m on Rumble in addition to YouTube, Parler,, I want to be on all these different platforms. In addition to the main ones, but I want to support the little ones, right, and you should, too, because the more information out there, the better. Me we dot com slash Trish Regan on Rumball. It’s the Trish Regan channel. It’s important that everyone be heard and Trish Intel dotcom, if you haven’t gone there, please make sure you do Trish Intel dot com sign up for the newsletter because they if nothing else, because they don’t want you to.

Jamaica Suing UK For Reparations, Why Not Sue Africa?

So here’s another story I want to tell you about. Jamaica planning to sue Great Britain for reparations over the slave trade. This came out we had this on Trish Intel Dotcom over the weekend. Interesting story here. The country of Jamaica wants to sue the UK for a reported 10 billion dollars in reparations. They say this would be compensation that they’re owed as a result of the slave trade that the British once sanctioned. Let me share with you a quote from the minister of Sports, Youth and culture there from Jamaica.

She told Reuters that, “We are hoping for repertory justice in all forms that one would expect if they are to really ensure that we get justice from injustice, is to repair the damages that our ancestors experienced among our African ancestors.” She went on, “were forcibly removed from their homes and suffered unparalleled atrocities to carry out forced labor to the benefit of the British Empire. Redress is well overdue,” she says.

OK. OK, so. So here’s the thing. Here’s the thing that no one’s talking about. But, you know, first of all, reparations, I’m sorry. This is just going to be one big old giant disaster that’s going to cause a whole lot more problems than it’s worth. I’d like to be able to move forward. You know, look, lots of groups have had problems. I mean, the Irish who were certainly discriminated, remember, like they’re used, resigned way back when. No Irish need apply it women. I’m a woman. We were discriminated against. I’m sorry. Like, at some point we just all have to move forward. Right. History is history. This reparations talk will just drag us into a far bigger economic and societal mess that we’re not going to be able to recover from. I mean, it will divide us in such massive ways.

But let’s just let’s just go with it for a second, OK? Let’s just go with the whole idea of reparations. I mean, if Jamaica wants to sue Great Britain, I just wonder why aren’t they talking about suing Africa? I mean, Africa did sell its people into slavery, did it not? Does Africa not have any responsibility in this? I mean, so long as you’re going to go after the UK for reparations, why not go after the Africans that sold the people into slavery for profit in the first place right now, because they’re making this all about something else, you know, and this is a cultural war, et cetera.

But I mean, I’m just thinking logically here. If you want to go after, you know, who’s at fault, I would think you’d have to include Africa in that. Like, how not?  But it’s a giant mess that would have massive economic and societal implications. And frankly, it’s pretty it’s pretty awful, like really disgusting that Biden and Co. this is not Jamaica for a second, but Biden and Co. have reduced themselves to that.Because that’s part of the chatter that you hear about. And he said he supports them and there are people that are calling for them and you know how bad that would be for America. But they’re doing this to try to drive a wedge again. In between us all, you know, look, hey, who needs Putin, who needs China to mess with us when we’ve got Joe Biden in the leftist media, they’re messing with our very identity as Americans, trying to teach us that somehow we ought to hate our country or hate ourselves.

I mean, I’m really disappointed. In these politicians that should be standing up for the American people and the greatness of this country. Look, you want to talk about. Helping people, let’s talk about giving people of all backgrounds here in the United States that are U.S. citizens, let’s give them equal access to opportunity. I mean, we can’t guarantee the outcome, right? Look, you just can’t there’s no mathematical way to determine exactly the same outcome for everyone. But you can do a lot to make sure that you’re providing people with as much opportunity as humanly possible, which means, dare I say, oh, you know, maybe you need to go to school in Chicago. Maybe the politicians are to stand up to the teachers unions so that those kids can go to school.

You’ve heard me say before and I’m going to say it again, you know, it’s not racism, but it is a societal issue. In that too many African-American communities and minority communities in general have been dis-enfranchized because they are lousy leaders that only care about getting elected and do not care about the people themselves. So if you’re born. on the south side of Chicago, the issue isn’t the color of your skin, people are not going to discriminate you against you. I mean, look, I mean, there are probably pockets of that that it happens. And that’s despicable and awful. And there’s no place for that in America. But the truth is, is that people often don’t get ahead because they got lousy leaders that perpetuate the same lousy policies, and so, you know what’s going to happen if we go down this path of reparations?

It’s going to be the same lousy stuff all over again, people are not going to have the chance to get out from under, so it’s not a good idea.

We need to get back to our American ideals.

Remember, ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. It matters. Remember, every one of our freedoms, they matter our First Amendment right. It matters.

So go to the Trish Intel dot com website, go to the store, support the show, make sure you subscribe to this podcast and to this channel. And I’ll see you right back here tomorrow.

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