Trish Blasts Dems For Wanting More Lockdowns “They Will Hold This Country’s Economy Hostage!”

This is a rush transcript of the Trish Regan Show, July 22, 2021 and may be updated.

Joe Biden is not as squeaky clean as he may want you to think, not according to explosive new emails just leaked from Hunter’s laptop. Yup, the good old laptop.

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Plus, are they going to shut down America again? This is the question I keep on getting. This is what is rattling some investors right now. I am hearing reports of people wanting to stock up on goods ahead of the fall amid concerns of more lockdowns. And my answer is, you know what? Get ready, because they certainly meaning the left, they certainly could consider what the teachers union, the NEA is trying to suggest. They don’t want anyone going back to school until every kid gets a vaccine. They will hold this country hostage and our economy hostage. I mean, we don’t even have vaccines for kids yet.

Hello, everyone. I’m Trish Regan. This is the Trish Regan show.

And, you’re not going to believe this statement from the NEA, the biggest teachers union. You know, if it’s up to these teachers, kids are never going to be back in school. I’ve got that coming up. Plus, newly released emails show that Biden may not entirely have had his hands clean on the lobbying front.

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Getting back to the teachers. So the guy who runs the union. Right, the guy who runs the union is in charge of all that. He’s saying the teachers are not going to go back until every single person, every single person at school, including every student, is vaccinated. Think about what that means. I mean, seriously, they can’t even do it if they want to do I mean, we don’t even have a vaccine for kids under the age of 12. So what this really means is they’re saying we’re not going back to school this fall. We’re not going we’re going to continue with this remote thing. You know, we kind of like working from home and it’s going to continue. And guess what? The economy would be held up as a result, I mean, don’t forget, one of the reasons unemployment benefits are expiring in the fall is because the expectation is everybody’s going to go back to work when their kids go back to school.

More Stimulus Checks?

Well, if the kids can’t go back to school, then surely Joe Biden is going to have to come forward with more stimulus. Right, more covid checks. They’re going to send us back into another recession, with serious economic consequences. Because if kids can’t go back to school, parents can’t go back to work, and then, well, you don’t have an economy that’s properly functioning.

I mean, you barely have an economy that’s functioning right now. Given that there’s so much incentive for people not to go to work. It’s one of the reasons why you’re seeing all this volatility in the market. Don’t forget, on Monday we dropped seven hundred and twenty five points. I mean, it’s been all over the place since then.

But the reason you’re seeing this volatility is because people are worried, investors are worried that, gosh darn it, we could shut down again. And I wouldn’t put it past these politicians to use this opportunity. Right. To get more handouts. It’s awful. I mean, they should be ashamed of this. This teachers union should be positively ashamed. And yet, you know, this is what they’re pulling.

It’s disgraceful because this economy should be doing so much better. I mean, we’re doing we’re doing OK. But think of how much better we would be doing if politicians didn’t drag this out when we were in a recession for two months. It was one of the deepest yet briefest recessions on record, just two months. You know, the Trump administration doesn’t get a lot of credit for getting the vaccines. Nor did they get much credit for having the economy reopen as fast as it did. But now, seriously, we’re going to talk about shutting it down again. This is pretty bad. And they will use this, by the way, to get more stimulus that we can’t afford into the hands of more Americans.

This is what they want. Right? But let’s not forget, we can’t afford it. I can’t stress that enough. I mean. Twenty eight trillion dollars in debt. We’re on a trajectory to have over 30 trillion by next year. We can’t afford this at some point. This is really going to be a problem. We are awfully lucky that we are the world’s reserve currency, because I’ll tell you, if we weren’t, we’d wake up tomorrow and we would be a third world country because we can’t afford to stay in business at this rate.

And, you think about how quickly all of this is escalating. It’s completely out of control right now. And there’s nobody responsible enough in Washington. And by the way, I blame both sides for this. It’s not like I’m going to give the Republicans a pass. Both sides are so eager to spend money. I mean, you’re seeing a little bit more reluctance there from some Republicans, thankfully. But overall, when I look back over the last 20 years, I mean, what have they done other than spend money?

The Move Towards Socialism

I want to get to this other this other this other story, because, you know, this boyscout image of Joe Biden maybe in some ways sort of cultivated. Right. And he has certainly perpetuated that. I mean, to think that the guy could just campaign from his basement and get elected, I don’t think anybody really knew what they were getting. This is a socialist, mind you, who wants socialism. In my opinion, that’s exactly what he’s after. He is not the sort of status quo Democrat that he wanted America to believe he was.

I mean, this is a guy who finished his first address to the nation, the equivalent of the State of the Union (But they don’t call it the State of the Union for the first time around) And he made a beeline straight for Bernie Sanders. So there’s sort of the kiss, the ring there of Bernie Sanders.

When you think about Bernie Sanders and AOC having so much control over the party right now, that should alarm every single one of us because this president has very socialist tendencies and this is something that should concern every American.

I mean, the reality is he wants to raise your taxes and don’t don’t tell me that it’s just just tax the wealthy. No, no, no. It doesn’t work that way because you know what? You won’t raise enough taxes. Sorry, guys. You don’t have enough wealthy people to actually fund the government. So you’re going to have to raise taxes on everyone. And by the way, this is always a trickle down thing because you raise taxes on the wealthy. And guess what? They don’t employ as many people. They don’t they don’t do everything that they used to do. So simultaneously, you strangle your economy with these taxes, all while, by the way, upping taxes on business.

That’s what he wants to do, too, including small business, the poor small business owner or the has to raise prices because they can’t get anybody to work because. Well, Uncle Joe is paying really well. If you just stay home on the couch. So all of these things are at play simultaneously. He wants to raise business taxes, as I said, and investment taxes. Now, this one really gets me right. This is cap gains and why it’s totally nuts. Well, think about it. You know, you you go out, you earn a living, you earn some money. You’ve already paid taxes on that money. You take that money and you then invest it in a company. You take a chance, hopefully, on an American company. Right. And that’s a good thing because it’s putting money back into circulation, into our companies.

Americans investing in American companies is a very nice thing. But that person that’s putting that money in, they’re taking a risk when they do so. They’ve already paid the taxes on the earnings. So now they roll the dice on this company. Like I said, hopefully American. And if they lose it all, they lose it all.

But sometimes people are willing to take on more risk because the tax penalty is less right. Cap gains is less an income tax. Anyway, I could say that that none of them understand it. AOC, Bernie Sanders, President Biden. But I actually think it’s more than that. I think they do understand it.

And as I alluded to yesterday, you know, it’s really about power ultimately. I mean, AOC having a one point four million dollar investment in t shirts and hats, that’s about amassing more power via profits. Right. So she makes money off the t shirts and hats and then she reinvest that money in her campaign. Now, she’ll tell you, well, some is going to charity and this, that and the other. Great. You know what? It’s still capitalism because it’s her private enterprise that she’s got working for her and she can do what she wants with the money. So really. She knows what capitalism is. Just like Bernie Sanders, you know, with his two houses, knows what capitalism is and the in the use it, if you would use it to try and amass power, I think ultimately they all just want power. And with power comes money.

Think about Joe Biden. Now, this is very interesting. I want to get to this because there’s some new emails that have just come out. By the way, if you are not subscribed to this podcast, make sure you do. If you’re not subscribe to this channel, make sure you subscribe. Make sure that you go to Trish Intel dot com. You subscribe to my newsletter there, because let’s face it, big tech, big media doesn’t want us talking about a lot of these things.

New Hunter Biden Emails

But this is a headline that I need to share with you, because Joe Biden, you know, again, who seemed as though he knew nothing about his son’s business dealings, I mean, and that is what he told us over and over again. That may not be entirely, entirely right. Let me first say, I don’t begrudge anyone’s ability to make a living right. He’s got to make a living. He was coming out of the White House, former vice president. But why is he pretending he knew nothing of any of this, like he just wants to sweep it under the rug. You know, that’s that’s a problem.

So, there’s these new emails basically that indicate that Joe Biden was working with his sons to effectively get a lucrative lobbying gig lined up after he left the administration. Again, this this really shouldn’t be a big deal, he’s just trying to make a living, except that he he keeps telling us he knew nothing of his son’s business dealings. And this is all concerning his son. In fact, his son, Hunter, was trying to set up a firm for all of them, according again, to the email exchanges that date back to 2014. They were first reported by the Daily Mail. They’re also in The New York Post.

And according to these emails, Hunter and a longtime family friend were outlining plans for firm to be led by Joe Biden’s late son, of course, who tragically died. That would have been Beau Biden. Very sad. Anyway, the emails show that Joe Biden was planning to come on board with the firm. So how could he say he knew nothing about what his son was doing? I mean, I think that’s a real question. Look, again, I don’t have a problem with him trying to find a plan outside of politics. I don’t love the lobbying business, but this is what he was in.

So the problem perhaps in this case is, remember, you know, it’s often not the act, but the cover up that becomes the issue.

So I think that these questions are going to continue to surface and people are going to say, wait, why did you say one thing and you do another? And maybe the response is I’m a politician and that’s why none of us really like politicians, because they have a tendency to say one thing and do another. It’s just a reminder. Go to Trish Intel dot com, sign up for my email, sign up for this podcast, sign up for this channel. And I will see you right back here tomorrow. We got lots to discuss.

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