Trish: Dark Winter’s Biggest Debbie Downer is President Biden

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Friday’s jobs report wasn’t great. But, then again, it wasn’t a total disaster. I mean, we actually ADDED jobs in the last month.

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Yet, listening to President Biden, you sure wouldn’t know it!

Instead, Biden was channeling his “dark winter.”

“Only 6,000 private sector jobs been created,” Biden lamented. “At that rate it’s going to take 10 years before we get to full unemployment. That’s not hyperbole, that’s a fact.”

Hearing Biden’s negative spin on the jobs report was enough to make people feel even WORSE about our economy at a time at a time when we ought to be beginning to feel better.

After all, we have not one, not two, but THREE vaccines…and they’re beginning to make their way through our population.

So, theoretically, things should be on the upswing, and you would THINK the President of the United Sates would want to emphasize some positivity — including the fact that the unemployment rate declined more than expected to 6.3% while average hourly earning increased more than expected.

But, this is another Democrat Debbie Downer-type persona. Just like President Barack Obama. Everything is bad. (Is this because if it’s all bad it’s easier to ask for handouts? Is there a method to the madness, I wonder?)

I can’t tell you how frustrating it was to watch President Obama month after month when the American economy was adding jobs after the decline of 2008. Instead of rejoicing in the positive aspects of the report, Obama would just tell us how we needed to do better.

Well, of course, we need to do better! Everyone needs to do better. But, gosh, you ARE the President, so could you maybe just TRY to make us feel a little more optimistic about the future?

I’d argue that one of the reasons America was unable to see more than 2% annual growth during Obama’s Presidency is because of the lack of optimism from the President.

Our economy is based — fundamentally — on our confidence in the future. Why should Americans spend their extra dollars on new clothes, or a renovation project, or a dinner out if they’re worried about the future?

And why would CEOs invest in new factories and new workers if the President is that worried about the future?

Part of a President’s job is to inspire the public. We look to him to have some confidence in what we can accomplish. He needs to be a realist, of course, but at the same time he needs to emphasize a prosperous future.

Joe Biden needs to take a page from FDR’s book: inspire. While I don’t agree with FDR’s economic policies, there is one thing he got right; he believed in America and he knew tomorrow would be better than today. “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow,” as little orphan Annie sang in the hit play about 1930s America.

So, my advice to Joe? Chin up.

Think FDR. And remember: this is America and WE are Americans. The glass should always be half-full.

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