Trish: GAO Report Proves Government Doesn’t Know Who’s Dead Or Alive

Government Ineptness May Leave Americans Vulnerable to Mail-in Voting, Tax, and Medicare Fraud.

Our big, bureaucratic, federal government literally doesn’t know who’s dead or who’s alive.

In the arena of insane news that has unfortunately become all too normal these days… even this headline stands out:

IRS sends $1.6 billion dollars via the Paycheck Protection Program and Covid-19 relief money to dead people.

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How’s that for graft in the system?

That headline is courtesy of the General Accounting Office (GAO) which just issued a report detailing the distribution of nearly $3 TRILLION in relief funds issued by our Federal Government.

My questions are:

  1. How does this happen in the age of so-much “advanced” technology?
  2. Why can’t the IRS issue “stop-checks” to the banks?
  3. Shouldn’t the IRS be *demanding* that money back?
  4. And, what does this suggest about the Federal Government’s lack of knowledge regarding who is actually ELIGIBLE TO VOTE? (This is alarming and I detail why below.)

Per the GAO report, the IRS IS taking steps to rectify the errors. The report cites an official at Treasury who says nearly 70 percent of the payments sent to deceased people have been recovered. GOOD. Unfortunately, the GAO was unable to verify that amount before finalizing its report.

The GAO also says it is working with Treasury to determine the number of payments sent to decedents that have been recovered. Treasury was considering sending letters to request the return of remaining outstanding payments but has not yet moved forward with this effort.

Fraud Alert

Okay, okay, okay…great. But, has anyone considered this? Isn’t it effectively a kind of FRAUD if someone cashes a check for a deceased relative that was intended for Covid-19 relief? I spoke with someone over the weekend who’s deceased mother received TWO checks tied to PPP and Covid-19 relief…he returned them both. That’s the right thing to do.

Nonetheless, not everyone is so honest and given that our government is clearly dealing with some VERY outdated data… so much so that they’re sending checks to Americans who are no longer alive… what does that tell us about the ability for our mail-in voting system to be manipulated?

A lot.

Mail-in Ballots at Risk

You see, as I said above…our big, bureaucratic, federal government literally doesn’t know who’s dead and who’s alive….and that’s a problem if we’re to actually be relying on “mail-in voting” as the left so desperately wants us to do.

Indeed, the left is now presenting a rather insane scenario as fact.

According to Hawkfish, a data analytics firm bankrolled by former Mayor, and former failed Presidential candidate billionaire Mike Bloomberg, on election night Donald Trump will win. But, then…. Weeks later when all the mail-in votes are counted, what do you know? The ultimate winner, the firm promises, will be Joe Biden!

It’s a scenario embraced by the left…both by the candidates and countless members of the mainstream media.

But, here’s a question no one in that camp is addressing…What if the mail-in voter data is as inaccurate as the IRS’s data rolls? Clearly the distribution of $1.6 billion in taxpayer money to people who have already passed suggests the government doesn’t know what’s what, who’s who, and yes, again, literally who’s dead and who’s alive!

A study by Pew Research Center estimates that there are as many as 24 million ineligible or inaccurate voters on state voter polls... meanwhile, federal election data since 2012 indicates that over 28 million mail-in ballots were deemed undeliverable.

Bottomline: IF the US intends to rely on mail-in votes, someone needs to get a handle on the inaccurate data…FAST. But, I have a better, easier suggestion…

Create a SAFE In-Person Voting System

Why not do everything in our power to ensure a safe, covid-free experience at the nation’s polling centers on November 3rd? To cut down on lines, we could hire more poll workers… we could also ensure OUTDOOR POLLING SITES FOR EVERYONE. We can set up tents with heat lamps if need be…and, we can use industrial strength lysol spray at each and every booth to ensure it gets fully treated before the next voter casts a ballot.

In other words – let’s get creative so we can MANAGE this and ensure the sanctity of the system. The left insists that the President may not trust the reliability of mail-in votes…but, why should he given what we just saw out of the IRS?

We are the world’s largest, most innovative economy in the world. It’s high time we act like it. Let’s find a way to ensure the sanctity of our system NOW…before it’s too late.

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