Trish: Jack Dorsey Is Out of His Element

“Mr. Dorsey,” said the increasingly agitated Senator from Texas, “Who the hell elected you and put you in charge of what the media can report?”

Senator Ted Cruz had clearly had it with the founder and CEO of Twitter (who, incidentally, sent the internet on fire after showing up to testify for the U.S. Senate via zoom sporting a long, unkept beard, nose ring and a black t-shirt with a black sport coat.)


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The Senator has a very good point. It is not, after all, the responsibility of Twitter to decide what the American public can and cannot read.  The First Amendment is our constitutional right and Twitter is trampling all over it.

Although a private publisher has a right to publish whatever commentary and stories it decides it wants…one thing that distinguishes the publishing companies from their social media counterparts, is that the publishers themselves can be held liable for their content. Twitter on the other hand, along with the rest of the social media giants, has a different set of rules. They’re NOT publishers they tell us. They insist they’re effectively just the highway, or the roads across which information from the ACTUAL publishers is shared.

If so, then WHY are they deciding which information is allowed to be shared across their platforms?

Again, unlike a publisher, Twitter bears NO responsibility for any false information shared on its platform. It bears NO responsibility for bad things that happen as a result of the information shared on its platform. So then, why is Twitter suddenly taking what is perceived to be a political stand?

Dorsey claims it’s because he’s trying to avoid Russian disinformation. Yet, how would Twitter (or Facebook, or Youtube, or Google for that matter) or any of these social media giants KNOW what is Russian disinformation and what is not?

Moreover, he also told Cruz that Twitter could have no impact on the election. So, why is it so critical for Twitter to maintain power over what can and cannot be seen if there’s no way for the Russians to have an impact?

In the case of the New York Post story on Hunter Biden’s alleged emails, Twitter promptly locked the newspaper’s account, as well as the Trump campaign’s account amid concerns that the alleged laptop’s emails were gotten via hacking or were fraudulent sources of intel being generated by Russian spies. The Director of National Intelligence, however, says the laptop and emails are real. Meanwhile, neither Hunter nor Joe Biden have said otherwise.

And while Dorsey and co have repeatedly censored President Trump, they have consistently failed to hold other state leaders (including those that are very anti-U.S.) accountable for certain statements. As such, it once again begs the question of whether Twitter is functioning as an information highway or as a publisher that is selective (and responsible for) its content.

The perception is that Dorsey seems to have a political bias against conservatives. Many of my friends have been victims of what’s called shadow-banning, a process by which social media giants limits the ability for others to share or even SEE conservative content. I’ve confronted the issue on various platforms myself, even when I’m complimentary to democrats or merely discussing taxes!

The bias is a real problem. It’s clear the government will need to intervene on behalf of the American people…because social media giants are not behaving as fair market entities. The New York Post can be sued if it prints wrong information, but not twitter? This is HARDLY fair.

Jack Dorsey cannot have his cake and eat it too. If nothing else, the rules should change so that these tech giants are no longer artificially protected. If Dorsey wants to control the message that is getting out, then he should be an independent publisher like the Washington Post. If he wants to remain the information highway that he set out to be, then he and his team must stay out of the editorial process. It really is that simple.

Alternatively, Dorsey can run for office and try to change our constitution. In the meantime, our First Amendment must remain alive and well on Twitter and every other social media outlet. So, in the name of freedom, please SHARE THIS ARTICLE. We can no longer allow big tech to shut out views it doesn’t want to hear. This is not China. This is the United States of America.


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