Trish: Mexico Requires Voter ID, Why Can’t WE?

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If you cross into Mexico tomorrow, you think the country is going to let you vote in a Mexican election?

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You know the answer to that, right?

This is just common sense people. So everyone just needs to knock off the insanity. I’m setting the record straight on this.

Welcome to the Trish Regan show. I am Trish Show. And let me just tell you, most countries require voter ID, including Mexico, Argentina, Iceland, Hungary, India, Israel, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Canada, Greece. I mean, I could go on and on.

I tweeted this list out actually, and I put it on Facebook so you can get it there at real Trish Regan on Facebook and at Trish Show underscore on Twitter. Why can’t the USA? Apparently because it’s racist. And now, the New York Times is in on the act. You’re not going to believe what they’re saying. But first, a very quick word from one of our sponsors.


Turning back to all that’s happening right now, including the New York Times new soapbox that they’re on, somehow every illegal should be voting in the USA, despite the fact, by the way, as I just mentioned, that pretty much anywhere else you go in the world, this is not allowed. You actually need ID. You need to prove that you’re a citizen before you actually go to the voting booth and cast a vote. But you’re not supposed to do that in the USA because why? It’s racist. The New York Times on the case.

According to a recent op ed in that hugely biased paper, noncitizens living in the U.S., quote, contribute as much to American life as natural born citizens. And they therefore should have a say equal in matters of policy and politics. “Illegals and non-citizens should be able to vote,” they say.

This is an op ed that The New York Times sanctioned by a Swiss journalist residing in the USA, campaigning for what seems to be a borderless society. She’s a woman named Atosa Araxia Abrahamian.

Let me first just say, Switzerland is a great, wonderful country. I love it. Great phenomenal skiing. Great phenomenal hiking. It’s like perfect in winter. And summer is a great scene where you’ve got wonderful food – great people. Did I mention? It’s extremely hard to take residence up in Switzerland, extremely difficult to buy property in Switzerland and clearly extremely difficult to vote as a foreigner in Switzerland.

So isn’t it rich that the Swiss Miss is telling us we need to allow every illegal a vote here in the U.S.?

It’s time she writes “for Democrats to radically expand the electorate.” And she goes on, “expanding the franchise in this way would give American democracy new life, restore immigrants, trust in government, and send a powerful message of inclusion to the rest of the world.” She continues, “if you can take any more. What’s more, allowing non-citizens to vote in federal, state and municipal elections would help revitalize American democracy at a time when enthusiasm and trust are lacking.”

Yeah, great. Good luck with that one. You want people who violated the law to come here to now vote and dictate our policy? Talking about mob rule. I mean, people not paying a cent in taxes (and to be clear, half the legal population is paying no taxes right now anyway, which is not good) suddenly now they’re going to get to vote and dictate policy?

Who’s to say, by the way, that China–or any of our other foreign enemies–wouldn’t just flood us with people so that they could vote? It’s time for someone to exercise some common sense. Her country certainly does.

In fact, Switzerland, as I mentioned, is one of the strictest on immigration. It goes even further: You can go to jail if you help someone to immigrate to Switzerland. I’m going to get to that. But first…


Turning back Switzerland. The Swiss don’t not mess around. In fact, I’d argue Switzerland might even go  too far. BUT, let me let me share with you how it works, because:

aiding illegal immigrants remains a crime in Switzerland. People who provide help to undocumented immigrants in Switzerland risk running afoul of the law, even if they’re acting purely for humanitarian reasons. In fact, parliament has refused to introduce any kind of exception to the law for, quote, honorable motives. Let me read from Switzerland’s Article 116, Section 1A on the law for foreigners. Quote, “Anyone who in Switzerland abroad facilitates the entry, departure or illegal residence of a foreigner or participates in preparations to that end is punishable with a custodial sentence of up to one year or financial penalty.”

The Swiss, like I said, they don’t mess around.

Yet now we get Swiss Miss over here writing in The New York Times, which, you know, of course, backs this, that we should somehow act differently. I don’t think so. I mean, I actually think that you want people who are citizens of your country being the most responsible for the laws, the regulations, the policies of this country. It’s just, frankly, common sense, which nobody seems to have these days. Let me also point out something, you know, Mexico actually treated illegal immigration, migration to Mexico as a crime right up until 2011, let alone you think you can go to Mexico and just vote. That’s not going to happen. Right, because what?

Mexico requires voter IDs! 


And, this is not just Mexico. As I said, pretty much all of Latin America, Argentina, Brazil included Iceland, Hungary, India, Israel, Germany, Italy, Canada, Greece. I mean, you go around the world, many, many others, they all have federal requirements that make you prove who you are. I mean, just like if you get on a plane here in the USA, you get to say, OK, this is me. (Transcript continues below.)

So how dumb and stupid would it be to not have that? And by the way, we don’t have that. I’m always shocked, I show up and I’m like, wait a second, did you want my I.D.? Really? Please, please take my ID and nobody wants it. It’s a total free-for-all.

And you realize that when you’re in that free for all, it leaves you vulnerable. And we should be a modern enough society that if we’re going to require ID to so much is go into a doctor’s office or into a hospital or onto a plane, then we need to require ID at the voting booth. You know, there’s so much stupidity out there, it’s not just stupidity, right, it’s politics. And these people are so self-interested and they’re so, you know, filled with hypocrisy that it can get a little bit mind boggling. Here we are right now.

Mask Hypocrisy 

I want to turn to another story, because we’ve got all these masks right here on red alert for covid children apparently dying at twice the rate of. Influenza, that’s according to a CDC expert, except when you actually look at the CDC data, you find that that’s not what the data supports at all. That’s not at all the case anyway. Blue state and city lawmakers are all up in arms. You got hysteria all over again. And yet. And yet? Oh, there was a big giant Lollapalooza concert with thousands of people dancing, dancing in the aisles. No masks in sight going on in Chicago this weekend. I mean, how does that happen? You’re the mayor of Chicago and you won’t even let your kids back in school right now in Chicago, you get the teachers union holding all that up. And yet all those thousands of people can be dancing shoulder to shoulder. Doesn’t seem right. Well, you know, of course, everybody pointed out the hypocrisy of this. So now Chicago came out. Late over the weekend and so, well, ‘now we want masks.’

But, keep in mind, the mayor of Chicago made a decision to allow that Lollapalooza concert to happen, even though the CDC was saying one thing and she realized there was an economic benefit to having the concert. And it’s not just the Chicago mayor filled with her own hypocrisy, there’s another mayor I can think of, multiple mayors, but here’s one in DC that also is pulling this kind of nonsense in D.C.. You have a mayor who issued an edict over the weekend, Saturday, 5:00 a.m., she said everyone must wear a mask. Everyone over the age of two, regardless of vaccination status, you must wear a mask indoors. So, again, she has this edict. It takes effect Saturday at 5:00 a.m.. You think that maybe they might might maybe follow their own rules? No, no, not at all. Instead, goes and precedes over a large indoor mass class wedding. All while having a mask mandate for the city!

I’ve said all along this has nothing to do with what’s right or wrong for the people and everything to do with political power. In this case, you have a bunch of lawmakers that are just itching to exercise their power in a very draconian, totalitarian way. This is a giant power trip for the left. And it’s high time we stop it. I want you to go to Trish Intel Dotcom, sign up for my newsletter, make sure you’re getting your news on politics, markets and the economy. All right. There at Trish Intel Dotcom, we got a wonderful group of writers putting all of this out just for you. Sign up for the newsletter, make sure that we have a way of staying in touch. You can also follow me on all the social media platforms, including Rumball, including YouTube, including Twitter, Facebook and a few others out there. I look forward to talking with you some more. Live free or die everyone. As I say, that’s the state motto of New Hampshire where I grew up. And boy, is it more relevant than ever in more ways than one. Thank you so much for listening. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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