TRISH: President Nancy Pelosi? If Both Sides Refuse to Concede…It Could Happen

It’s a Coup, Trish…

A global hedge-fund investor trying to prepare his portfolio for (who-knows-what) this November, characterized the current U.S. Presidential Election situation in rather stark terms to me in a recent conversation…

It’s a coup, Trish,” he told me. “A good old fashioned coup.

That’s a lot to digest–and it’s a rather significant accusation.

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Whether you agree with the investor or not, one thing that IS increasingly clear is that the left is doing ALL it can to cause us to doubt the sanctity of our system…the foundation on which our country has been built. Whether it’s a high profile investor convinced the left is trying to enact a coup, or an average voter terrified his or her vote may not be counted properly…one thing is certain: Americans have never before doubted our system the way we do today.

And, that’s a shame.

Historically, we’ve prided ourselves on a seamless transition of power. The sanctity, transparency, and authenticity of our system mattered. It’s part of what made America, AMERICA, and helped distinguish us for so many lawless countries throughout the world.

And, Yet?

Consider the effort underway by the left to discredit anything and everything associated with President Trump…and couple that with Hillary Clinton’s insistence that Joe Biden not concede no matter what, Joe Biden’s accusation that Trump would “steal the election,” and the mainstream media’s description of the now popular “red mirage” scenario (first proposed by a Bloomberg backed data-analytics firm) where they tell us it will only LOOK like Donald Trump won on election night… but, in fact, when all the votes are finally counted (and that could take weeks, they warn) then suddenly Joe Biden will emerge the winner?

In the meantime, as we await that winner…whomever it it…we have the making of a good old fashioned Banana Republic-style crisis. One that puts our Constitution in jeopardy and one that could result in Nancy Pelosi…YES, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, being named acting President of the United States.


Don’t laugh… it could actually happen if states refuse to certify electoral results….If we don’t have a President named by January 20th — inauguration day — then, Nancy Pelosi is it. (Assuming the Dems maintain control of the House.)

Here’s how it works. The real deadline (ahead of Jan 20th) to watch for is December 14th. This deadline was enacted by Congress via the Electoral Count Act of 1887 as the result of the disputed 1876 Presidential Election between President Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel Tilden. There were several states where electoral votes were unclear…including in South Carolina, Oregon, Louisiana, and Florida…and Congress was trying to get an answer on the Presidency before Inauguration Day (which back then was in March, rather than January….) so, they created what’s called the “Electoral Commission” and “The Electoral Count Act” to figure it all out…

Hence 1877 The Electoral Count Act that we now cite today…which says states must choose electors no more than 41 days after the election. (This is partly why the Supreme Court stopped the count of ballots in Florida in Bush v. Gore on Dec. 12, 2000…which meant, Bush won.)

But would the left accept the supreme court’s view?? Would states decide to stop counting ballots?

This is where the Constitutional Crisis and Nancy Pelosi’s Presidential Career BEGINS.

IF, at noontime on January 20th, 2021, we STILL haven’t figured stuff out, then, Marie Antoinette “let them eat ice cream” Nancy Pelosi gets the gig!

Acting President Pelosi — And, House Can Choose WHOMEVER it Wants

She would be named…acting president. And then, the wheels come off the bus. Because there are all sorts of additional questions will surround the appointment.

For example, how long does Pelosi serve? The 12th Amendment says the acting president holds this position until a president or a vice president “shall have qualified.” That means, the House gets to elect the president…and what the voters want, or wanted, would effectively at that moment no longer matter.

And you wonder what I mean… when I say investors are nervous? They have every reason to be.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this. Peaceful transitions of power are critical to our foundation as a nation.

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