Trish Regan: America Needs Socio-Economic Solutions–Not More Divisive, Political Rhetoric

The President and Vice President have a message: George Floyd was murdered because of systemic racism.

“Systemic racism” is a “stain on the nation’s soul,” Biden told the nation Tuesday evening. America, he said, has a “long history of systemic racism.”

Harris also explained that “America has a long history of systemic racism.”

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“A measure of justice is not the same as equal justice,” she said. “This verdict brings us a step closer and the fact is we still have work to do.”

The murder of George Floyd was horrific. And, it did shine a much-needed light on the police — but, was it systemic racism?

I’m not disagreeing with the idea that there is racism in parts of the U.S. There is. And, it’s awful. Yet, as so many of you know, I tend to view much of the world through an economic lens…and as such, I ask – might some of the challenges we see in minority communities today be linked to the bad socio-economic policies enacted by power hungry lawmakers?

I realize that those on the left prefer to call the problem “systemic racism” but that term allows lawmakers to be off the hook. The reality is many of the challenges faced by minorities in America today are the result of bad government.

The biggest problem for a kid starting out in the inner city of Chicago is that…he or she is starting out in the inner city of Chicago. Ie: lousy schools, lousy healthcare, lousy opportunities. The South Side of Chicago represents a lousy economic structure that desperately needs smart pro-growth policies. From school choice to low tax opportunity zones to tax incentives for married couples, there are policy choices that the government should and could enact to help many disadvantaged communities.

So why don’t they? Why is the answer just ‘more money’? (Money which most often rewards government bureaucrats yet rarely makes its way to the people.)

Why can’t our leaders be more thoughtful and creative?

Indeed, we need constructive, pragmatic solutions that can end the disadvantages faced by too many poor Americans face today. We need better schools, more accountability from our leaders, and stronger community structures. These are the things that can help to stabilize a society.

The answer, for example, should never be to “end the police” as Rep. Rashida Talib has suggested. The answer should be to enact better socio-economic policies so that EVERY American has an opportunity to succeed.

Yet, instead of empowering people with a message of better policy, unity, opportunity and prosperity, Harris and Biden are choosing to encourage a kind of division that is not healthy, yet, highly political.

Instead of fanning the flames of division, we need our nation’s leaders to enact smart economic policies that will create opportunities for every American to prosper.



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