TRISH REGAN: Biden Flails As Inflation Ramps Up

President Joe Biden is trying to recover from a new release of inflation data showing that prices rose in the month of September, and Trish Regan is breaking it all down on her podcast.

Check it out here:

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics released inflation data this month showing that producer prices and consumer prices rose more than 8% in the last year and 0.4% in the month of September alone.

“We just can’t catch a break here,” Trish Regan said on her podcast. “Prices, they just keep going up. I don’t know how they are going to spin this one because you know what, we are still at 8.2%…this is lousy, lousy stuff.”

Trish Regan pointed out these numbers are the highest in four decades.

“And you’re not going to believe what Joe Biden has to say about it,” Trish added. “His theory is that if his party doesn’t win in November then somehow inflation will get even worse. It’s pretty remarkable, you know, the lengths to which these guys will go. Unbelievable stuff. Joe Biden is trying to spin this in a way that, frankly, I just find offensive. I told you he’d do it, though.

Biden has pointed to an increase in social security payments, touting his work to help seniors.

“Well you have that, buddy, because inflation is totally out of control,” Trish Regan said, pointing out payments are tied to rising prices.




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