TRISH REGAN: Biden Lied, We Are ALREADY In A Recession

The Biden administration spent the last week trying to convince the American people a recession is not on the way, but Trish Regan is exposing the truth on her podcast.


“I hate to be the bearer of bad news yet again, but I’m a realist,” Trish Regan said on her podcast. “I’m operating in reality here. I’m looking at all the economic numbers in real time, and these numbers…they don’t have a political bias. They are just numbers.”

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U.S. Treasury Secretary and President Joe Biden both said the recession was not certain in recent days, drawing pushback from experts.

Trish Regan’s market expertise tells her one thing, and it’s not good.

“And right now the president of the United States wants you to think that a recession is not inevitable,” Trish said. “O.K., that’s admirable. Let’s hope. Let’s pray it’s not inevitable. The only problem, of course, is it’s already here.”

“It’s already here,” she added. “We are in the midst of recession…”

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