Trish Regan: Biden’s America Is The Disaster That Keeps On Taking

President Joe Biden has fed one disaster after another in his presidency, and Trish Regan is breaking it all down on her podcast.


“Welcome to Joe Biden’s America, where everything that could possibly go wrong, goes wrong,” Trish Regan said jokingly on her podcast. “And almost intentionally wrong. When you think about the mistakes that are being made from a policy front, you really do think he needs to channel George Costanza…I mean just do the opposite, Joe, for once.”

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“…this economy is bringing us back to the 1970s thanks to Biden policies,” she added.

Gas prices are at record highs. Inflation is at the highest level in decades.

“A Morgan Stanley analyst came out and said the unthinkable,” Trish Regan said. “You’re not supposed to say this if you work for a big investment bank like Morgan Stanley, but one brave analyst over there said, ‘look, when you print $1.9 trillion worth of stimulus, you get inflation.'”

Check out the rest below!

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