TRISH REGAN: Bonds Are Sexy

The stock market and economy is in trouble, but Trish Regan is giving the wisdom you need on her latest podcast.


“Today was a really bad day,” Trish Regan said, referring to the stock market plummet Monday. “Friday was a bad day too…8.6% inflation. That’s nothing to cheer about. But I predicted this would happen, and I’ve been telling everybody all along that the selloff was not over, and I still expect more pain to come in this market.

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Trish Regan went on to explain ways to protect your money given the economic struggles.

“Because I think when you see what we saw today, and it comes on the heels of what we saw last week, it starts to get a little bit scary, so you need to take a step back and think about what it really is and whether there is any way that you can still benefit,” she said, pointing out we are in bear market territory.

For what Trish says about how to protect yourself and how bonds play into it…

See the rest below! 

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