Trish Regan: Could Joe Biden Do Any Worse With Russia Right Now?

President Joe Biden is in the middle of botching discussions with Russia right now, and Trish Regan is exposing the truth on her podcast.

“Russia is knocking on our door here, trying to put troops in Venezuela, because this team, this idiotic team can’t get anything right from Afghanistan to Russia to Ukraine to now Venezuela,” Trish Regan said on her podcast. “…The threat of them putting troops in Venezuela. Look, it’s it’s quite real. I think that this administration in the State Department doesn’t know it’s ass from its elbow, so to speak, when it comes to actually dealing with foreign affairs. I’ve been highly disappointed, highly, highly disappointed. Let me just let me emphasize that this is a president who after all his decades, all his decades on Capitol Hill and around things like foreign policy, by the way, he’s been like literally wrong on every, every decision he’s ever made. ”

Trish Regan pointed out that Biden’s poor communication skills are making the problem worse.

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“We’re not able to communicate,” she said. “He’s going to keep putting troops or potentially he’s going to be problematic in terms of my troops that I’ve been putting on the border with Ukraine. So why not? Why not, you know, showing just exactly what it feels like? I mean, you know, from his perspective, and I’m not saying this is right, because I I think NATO’s there for a reason, but he doesn’t want Naito in his backyard, just like we don’t really want him in our backyard in Venezuela. Venezuela, which is what a three hour trip from Miami. So this is a conflict that could easily be avoided if you had some smart people in the room.”

Want to hear the rest? Check out Trish Regan’s podcast HERE.

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