Trish Regan: Day Of Reckoning Is Here

Election Day kicked off nationwide, and Trish Regan said on her podcast it is a day of reckoning.

“It’s the big day, here we are now,” Trish Regan said on her podcast. “We are going to find out whether or not it is the Democrats or the Republicans that is in charge of the House and the Senate for the next two years, and let me tell you, this is incredibly important because it is going to have such a big effect on our economy, on our freedoms in my estimation.”

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Trish Regan pointed out Elon Musk advocated for independent voters to go for Republicans this year to counter the Democrat presidency.

This sparked controversy ahead of an already tense election.

“It’s coming down to one issue, and one issue only,” Trish said. “As I told you from the very beginning, when people start hurting economically, they start paying attention. And that’s when they start voting their pocketbook.”

Inflation and gas prices have soared since President Joe Biden took office, making it difficult for many Americans to make ends meet.

“I think when people have the luxury of focusing on other stuff, and that is in part why we saw the Biden White House come into being,” Trish said. “Because hey, who cared about the economy. Who cared about foreign relations, when you just cared about personality…and that was a card that was well played by the left. So what are they playing now? Because this economy hasn’t turned out so great…”


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