TRISH REGAN: Disney Has Gotten Off Track

Disney has been a steady stream of controversy recently, and according to Trish Regan on her latest podcast, the problems are far from over.


Activist investor Dan Loeb has targeted Disney and wants some significant changes to the company, which has been the center of several woke controversies in recent months.

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“The fact that Disney is now ripe for an activist investor to come in like this I think speaks to the fact that Disney has gotten off track,” she said.

Trish pointed to ESG investing, where investors feel they can’t invest in some companies unless they are woke enough.

“So if you’re not woke enough, you’re not going to get the big money investing in you,” she said. “Consequently, you’ve got CEOs saying, we’ve got to show the world how diverse we are, how much we care, and yet, when it really comes down to it, I would argue that what investors should really care about is how much money you’re making.”

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