Trish Regan EXPOSES Democrat’s $18K Flight To France On Taxpayer Dime

One Democratic Mayor’s spending of taxpayer dollars has sparked major controversy, and Trish Regan is breaking it all down on her podcast.


“The Left’s sense of entitlement has reached a tipping point, and there is no better example of this than the Mayor down in New Orleans who somehow thinks she can justify her first class summer trip to France on American taxpayer dollars, all in the name of her wokeness,” Trish Regan said on her podcast.

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New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell has fallen into hot water after spending $30,000 on the flight upgrades that reportedly violated government policy.

“Employees are required to purchase the lowest airfare available… Employees who choose an upgrade from coach, economy, or business class flights are solely responsible for the difference in cost,” reads the policy, according to WWL.

Cantrell later told local media that will not be paying the city back for her expenses

“All expenses incurred doing business on behalf of the city of New Orleans will not be reimbursed to the city of New Orleans,” she said.

Trish Regan blasted Cantrell, in particular because she has defended her actions, saying she needs to fly first class because she is a black woman.

“Apparently, as a black woman, she can’t fly coach because that would not be safe,” Trish Regan said. “I kid you not, this is actually what she said which is why I say we are at that tipping point of entitlement. It’s like a lot of money, right?”

Trish Regan also pointed out her first class trip to France, an $18,000 ticket at taxpayer expense for her “safety.”

“Does it make you any safer on a plane?” Trish Regan said. “I don’t know what she is trying to insinuate about the people flying coach from New Orleans to France. Kinda seems a little Marie Antoinette class-like, does it not?”

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