TRISH REGAN: Here’s How Biden Keeps Making Americans Poorer

The Joe Biden economy has Americans feeling the financial pain, and Trish Regan is breaking it all down on her latest podcast.


“America’s getting poorer,” she said on her podcast. “That’s the bottom line here, and I don’ think it’s going to fly, shall we say, in November.

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Trish Regan pointed to federal inflation data released last week which showed that prices on a range of goods and services continued to increase.

“We’ve got the CPI data out,” she said. “We’ve got the PPI data out, and any way you slice it really, and I know you’ve got those saying ‘well, you’ve got producer prices going down a little bit…’ not enough guys. Not enough.”

Price increases have outpaced wage gains, meaning even Americans getting a raise still cannot keep up with inflation.

Recent polling data shows that the majority of Americans say they are falling behind the rising cost of living.

“Any way you slice this, Americans are getting poorer because our dollars are not going as far,” Trish Regan said on her podcast. “We’ve had all kinds of government interventions that was supposed to actually guard against this stuff. Well, I’ll tell you now as I’ve told you before, it never works. It never does. Never has, never will, and the more they interfere the more treacherous it becomes for every single American…”

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