TRISH REGAN: I Told You This Was Coming…

Inflation has continued to spike in the U.S., and Trish Regan is explaining why on her podcast.


“We are looking at massive inflation, and you know what?” Trish Regan said. “It’s only getting worse. Meanwhile, the Biden administration is trying to politicize it all and say that it is Putin’s fault. I’m sorry, but, this one is on you guys.”

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“It may get worse from here,” she added. “I think we should anticipate that, and that will be tied to Ukraine, but Joe Biden and co., [right now] you OWN this!”

Newly released inflation data this week showed that consumer prices have risen to the highest inflationary levels in 40 years, and producer prices have hit the highest level on record.

“Here we go again,” Trish Regan said. “Inflation is even higher than it has been in 40…years. You have to go back to December of 1981 to see prices escalating at such a high clip…up 8.5 percent…Please don’t ever doubt me. I told you this was coming.”

Watch the rest here:

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