Trish Regan: Is A Red Wave Coming???

The long-awaited midterm elections are finally here, and Trish Regan said a red wave may come crashing in this week.

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All the latest polling shows the electoral map is leaning Republican. Republicans are currently projected by several top pollsters to win a majority in the Senate, pick up multiple governorships and take dozens of House seats.

“Pay attention to governor’s races,” Trish Regan said on her podcast. “Because they give you great insight into how the regular folks are feeling. And right now they are feeling a heck of a lot more red than blue.

Kari Lake is leading her gubernatorial race in Arizona, where she has been a firebrand often taking on the press. Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and other states also have close races.

Trish Regan pointed out Democrats are pulling money out of a lot key states and shifting into places where they think they are vulnerable, a sign they are getting nervous.

“I think it could be a red wave,” Trish Regan said. ” I mean it absolutely, certainly could be. Just look at some of these numbers as I said, already coming. We will see how it all shakes out in the coming days. But I tell you this would be very good news for our challenged economy. Is that fair to say since nobody wants to say it’s a recession or that we had a recession or that we may be heading into a recession. That’s what they call fake news. Give me a break.”


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