Trish Regan: Who Is In Charge At The White House?

President Joe Biden’s has been contradicted by his own administration multiple times on international affairs, and Trish Regan is raising the alarm that Biden could be bringing us closer to war with Russia and undermining our nation on the international stage.


Trish Regan pointed out that Biden seems to be going rogue in his comments on foreign policy only to have the official White House position later contradict him.

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“Who is in charge of the White House?” Trish Regan said on her podcast. “Because it seems whatever he says, the White House is quite willing, ready and able to say, ‘no, no, no,’ that’s not the case, after the fact. He said he’d be willing to commit U.S. troops to fight China to protect Taiwan, and the White House is scrambling, saying ‘no, no change in policy.'”

This kind of confusion could set us up for greater conflict and even war.

“You would think they would have their signals worked out, unless he just forgets,” Trish Regan said. “But I think it’s sort of weird that our president is not being backed up by his staff. As the president of the United States, when you say something, it is not becoming to have your administration say, ‘well, what he really meant was the following,’ and yet that is what they do over and over again…which makes you wonder what is really going on.”

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