Trish Regan: Joe Biden Is Delusional And Everybody Knows It

Trish Regan┬áis taking off the gloves — pointing out that Joe Biden has gone off the rails on her podcast:

“Joe Biden, the guy is like delusional at this point. I mean, half of America doesn’t think he’s mentally fit more than half of America,” Trish Regan said. “He seems offended when that comes up. He is 79 years old, so climbing up there in age, and doesn’t really seem to have all his faculties I mentioned, yet– I’m not an ageist. I believe that you can perform very well, very late in life,” just not Biden, she said. “Joe Biden strikes me as a very old 79. I mean, he was probably a very old 39,” she laughed suggesting its not age but a lack of mental sharpness that plagues the President.

Trish referenced Biden’s recent press conference, where he rambled and endangered tensions with Russia with his unplanned comments.

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“The reality here is the guy’s just not that gifted when it comes to communication,” Trish Regan said on her podcast. “He’s not that gifted when it comes to be able to hold to being able to formulate thoughts. I don’t think he’s that smart. …His [college and law school] grades actually proved that, and it’s amazing that he’s there. It’s amazing that he’s president. It’s actually kind of a shame. Anyway, he’s done a terrible job. America knows that. It’s why nearly 40 percent of the country gave him an F on their report card. We talked about that in yesterday’s program, but I think we should all just be blown away by the monstrosity that that press conference was yesterday. He rambled, he rambled, it went on and on and on, and he sat there and tried to feed us things like, You know, what a great job he’s done.”

Want to hear the rest? Check out Trish Regan’s podcast HERE.

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