Trish Regan: Joe Biden Is In Big Trouble

Newly released polling data shows Joe Biden is in trouble, and Trish Regan weighed in on the issue on her podcast.

RealClearPolitics has Biden’s popularity at a new low. Their average has Biden’s job approval at below 41% with disapproval at 55%.

“Joe Biden has actually seen his approval ratings sink overall…” Trish Regan said on her podcast. “Wow. So more than half the country now thinks that Joe Biden is doing a really bad job. You know why that is it? Because he is. He is doing a really bad job. And you know what? You can only fake it for so long. Americans are not stupid. I keep saying that because for some reason, this team at the White House really thinks we are stupid.”

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Trish Regan pointed out issues like Ukraine and the economy have voters doubting Biden’s ability.

“Food prices have gone up,” Trish Regan added. “I mean, it’s wild to me. There’s only so much spin right that Americans can take because we know what reality is.”

Want to hear the rest? Check out Trish Regan’s podcast HERE. 

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