Trish Regan: Joe Biden Is No Spring Chicken

Americans are seriously doubting President Joe Biden’s mental abilities, and Trish Regan dove into the issue on her podcast.

“OK, so Joe Biden, (aka Dumb and Dumber) is now under fire because the country is realizing that the guy’s just not that bright, and they actually think he’s been declining quite rapidly in terms of his mental abilities,” Trish Regan said on her podcast. “He’s no spring chicken. We know that. But now there’s a new Rasmussen poll out, which says most voters believe that Joe Biden’s mental abilities have declined since he took office.”

The poll found the majority of Americans do not have confidence in Biden’s fitness to serve as president.

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“In other words, he didn’t start with a whole lot,” Trish said. “But it’s gotten much worse. Two-thirds agree with GOP members of Congress who have urged the president to take a cognitive test and release the results. Two-thirds of American voters want him tested to see if he’s all there. I think we know he’s not. And 56 percent are not confident that Biden is up to the job. …These are really startling numbers, including 45 percent who are not at all confident in his ability. Are you? I mean, when you look at what’s going on, whether it be what we saw in Afghanistan, whether it be what we’re witnessing right now in Russia and Ukraine, whether it be the the lack of consistency on things like masks and COVID mandates, whether it be on our border, I mean, whether it be on inflation…I mean, my gosh!” Regan said. “He’s not really doing a very good job. This guy is in so far over his head.”

Want to hear the rest? Check out Trish Regan’s podcast HERE.

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