Trish Regan Joins Calls for a “Free Iran” – Says Democracy “Cannot Be Stopped”

American journalist Trish Regan, the founder of Trish Intel and host of the “Trish Intel” podcast, joined a bipartisan group of international lawmakers, diplomats, and foreign relations experts on Friday calling for democracy in Iran at the NCRI Trans-Atlantic Summit.

As emcee of the event, Regan addressed the thousands of participants that joined from more than 10,000 locations worldwide. She opened the program by insisting, “the world must push for change so that young girls in Iran are no longer tortured and executed for their beliefs, so that Iran can join the global economy as a champion for democracy, and so that Iranians and the rest of the world will be safe.” 

She said she was honored to be among so many freedom fighters, and noted the sacrifices made by the combatants for Iran’s freedom at Ashraf-3 in Albania. 
Introducing the President-Elect of the NCRI, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, Regan noted that under her leadership, so many women have been elevated to top positions in the Iranian Resistance… saying women have, “not only achieved gender parity, they are in charge!” 

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“Live Free or Die” 

Later in the program, Regan noted how so many women from her home state of New Hampshire were standing up for democracy in Iran. Though it’s a small state, she said, New Hampshire managed to have three speakers in the program including Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Former Senator Kelly Ayotte, and Regan herself. “There’s an expression where I come from…our state motto,” Regan noted. “It is ‘Live Free or Die’ and I think that has a special significance here among so many freedom fighters today.” 

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