Trish Regan: Lawmakers Fail Us AGAIN

Lawmakers are considering a roughly $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill as a government shutdown approaches, and Trish Regan is giving her take on her latest podcast.

“Here we go again. We are on pins and needles trying to figure out if the government can fund itself before another shutdown,” Trish Regan said on her podcast.

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The omnibus bill includes spending for a range of controversial topics, 12 spending bills crammed into one large package. A coming winter storm is also pressuring lawmakers to get the deal done faster so they are not stranded in Washington, D.C. for the holidays.

“It happens every year” she said. “At some point, you’d think they would start to figure this out…We are once again confronting the reality of a deadline on the darn budget. I mean, it happens every single year. It’s like, come on guys, can we not get ahead of this a little bit better.

Trish Regan pointed out what budget experts are continually warning about: federal spending is growing at an alarming rate.

“When you look at this, what you see is once again we are spending more than we earn,” she said. “While there is a lot of good in there, there is still a lot of stuff that we need to pare down, and nobody is willing to have those conversations or make those decisions so consequently, we are right back where we started, and I just don’t know how long this can continue for. It is a little like…


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