Trish Regan on Covid-19 Lockdowns: “They Were Willing to Destroy Americans’ Livelihoods”

Trish Regan, host of the Trish Intel podcast and Publisher of, sounded off on the hypocrisy of opening up America at this moment, just days after President Joe Biden took office.

“They destroyed millions of American’s lives… and for what?” Regan asked her listeners.

“Big government paralyzed Americans with fear, forced them to shutter their businesses, locked down communities for the last 9 months, only to reopen America at the height of the virus’s infection rate? Just after their team takes over?”

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Regan continued saying, “We never should have shut down like we did in the first place. But, if it was that important to lock down…why would you reopen at a time when there are new strains — more contagious strains — out of the UK and Africa?”

Though said that while she was happy to see businesses reopening at this moment, she also said she would like to see “some consistency.”

The host concluded that politicians, “used the news of coronavirus to ensure a sense of chaos and hysteria, in order to gain control. Now that they have control, they’re willing to open back up.”

Listen to the podcast here:



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