Trish Regan: Prices Are Only Going Up

Trish Regan has been giving expert economic advice for years, and now she has a warning: inflation and prices are only going higher.

“Inflation, there is no way you are going to avoid it,” Trish Regan said on her podcast. “By the way, you have a set of policymakers there at the Federal Reserve who want inflation no matter what. They consider it a good thing if they can get 2-3 percent inflation. They don’t want anything less…Collectively over time, that adds up to higher and higher and higher prices.”

Trish Regan’s comments come after the latest inflation data has shown the fastest rise in inflation in nearly four decades. Mortgage rates have risen above 5 percent, and the Federal Reserve has announced a series of interest rate hikes to address the inflation. Several economic experts have issued the same warning that prices will continue to rise.

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“[The American people] are already dealing with tons of inflation because of really poor policy choices, again, from team Biden but also the Federal Reserve,” she said. “They are liable in all of this as well because they have done a horrible job in managing this economy…”

Listen to the rest below!

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