Trish Regan: Putin Has United The West More Than Ever

On her latest podcast, Trish Regan argues that Russian President Vladimir Putin may have accidentally united the West more than ever before.

“Everybody has been worried about China, and I’m not discounting that in any way,” Trish Regan said. “But, I think what we’re seeing right now actually proves that the West will have the upper hand. You have a more United West than ever before. Look at all these NATO countries coming together.”

Trish Regan pointed to Putin’s bombing of a Ukrainian theatre that was holding civilians.

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“It really shows how Russia has no boundaries in this and is willing to go to great lengths, including killing innocent civilians, children that are being murdered here,” Trish Regan said. “I’ll tell you this. This will become a defining point in history. The west is more united than ever.”

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