Trish Regan Reacts To Kamala Harris’ Use of Family Trust: ‘Politicians are Crooked’

Trish Regan blasted Vice President Kamala Harris for a violation of ethics standards that the Vice President herself promised to change.

The founder of Trish Intel opened her podcast Thursday evening slamming Harris’s use of a tax advantaged family trust. A family trust’s assets “are not reportable” Regan told her listeners. As a result, politicians often use them to avoid disclosing financial information that they do not want made public.

Kamala Harris’s use of the vehicle, explained Regan,

“seems to confirm what the public already believes; that politicians are crooked and they have one set of rules for themselves and a whole other set of rules for everyone else.”

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In 2020, then candidates Joe Biden and Harris campaigned against the use of such family trusts. In fact, the Biden-Harris campaign website even said that the two wanted to “eliminate the trust loophole in existing financial disclosure law.”

This would be “the same loophole that Kamala is now exploiting,” said Regan, leading her to ask “why is Kamala Harris using the very same loopholes she promised to close?”

Biden had said that he intended to “require that any member of his administration who is a beneficiary of a discretionary trust, to disclose all of its holdings.” “So, what do you know?” said Regan, “they’re violating their own ethics rules with Kamala’s family trust.”

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