Trish Regan Reacts To Milley Testimony: ‘Biden Tried To Pull a C.Y.A.’

This is a rush transcript of the Trish Regan show form September 29, 2020 and may be updated. 

This is what you call a giant C.Y.A. move by the president of the United States. He’s  engaging in what seems to be a total C.Y.A. move as his top generals come out and say that they told him, they told him you’re going to need at least 2500 troops in Afghanistan before the withdrawal is complete! Yet he ignored them. Better yet, he told the American public that no one told him — that the generals never advised that.

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Trish Regan show. I am Trish. And my goodness, you know that the president has been slipping, well, I should say just fallen off a cliff in terms of all the poll data we have seen recently. How is this going to sit with Americans after the president told Americans that no one had advised him that the military had not advised him, generals had not advised him to keep troops there? I can tell you I reported at the time that General Milley and others had told him, sources told me that the military had said keep the troops there, but Biden wanted everybody to think…he didn’t know better? I mean, this is unbelievable way to see Tuesday’s hearings, Senator Tom Cotton questioning General Milley. Listen to this.

Gen MilleyIt’s your testimony that you recommended twenty five hundred troops. Approximately stay in Afghanistan. As I’ve said many times before, this committee and other committees, I don’t share my personal recommendation to the president, but I can tell you my personal opinion and my assessment, if that’s what you want.

Sen Cotton: Yes, please. Yes. My assessment was back in the fall of twenty, and it remained consistent throughout that we should keep a steady state of twenty five hundred and it could bounce up to thirty five hundred, maybe something like that in order to move toward a negotiated solution. Did you present did you ever present that assessment personally to President Biden? I don’t discuss exactly what my conversations are with the sitting president in the Oval Office, but I can tell you what my personal opinion was and I’m always candid.

Sen Cotton: General Mackenzie, do you share that assessment?

Senator, I do share that assessment.

Did you ever present that opinion personally to President Bush? I’m not going to be able to comment on those executive discussions.

In General Miller ever present that opinion personally to President Biden? I think we best to ask him.

Sec Austin: President Biden last month in an interview with George Stephanopoulos said that no military leader advised him to leave a small troop presence in Afghanistan. Is that true? [00:03:05][78.7]

Sec Austin: Senator Cotton, I I believe that, first of all, I know the president to be an honest and forthright man. 

Sen Cotton: It’s a simple question. Secretary Austin, he said no senior military leader advised him to lead a small troop presence behind. Is that true or not? Did this officer and General Miller’s recommendations get to the president? 

Sec Austin: Personally, their input was was received by the president and considered by the president for sure in terms of what they specifically recommended. Senator, they just as they just said, they’re not going to provide what they recommended in confidence. 

Trish: I don’t even entirely know how to react to something like that, because the only conclusion you can really draw is that the president of the United States and by the way, I trust, are members of the military, the president of the United States wanted Americans to think somehow that the military did not advise him of this.

Again, I would go back to my reporting at the time in which I was citing sources who said the problem was basically you had a State Department that was more noisy than the generals. Right. And so Blinken, Secretary of State Blinken, who, if you asked me, ought to be fired. I mean, heads should roll. This is horrible. What happened. There is no excuse for what went down in general. Milley and others were pointing that out in the hearings on Tuesday that the United States position has been compromised. It most definitely has. It’s been compromised because how can anyone trust us again? How can our allies think of us in the same way? How can the world think of us in the same way? They can’t.

We have been forever damaged by what happened in Afghanistan. And the saddest thing of all is that it was preventable, and if he had listened to the experts, we would have been in a much different place. So it’s wrong. There’s no excuse. And believe me, I don’t think Americans are going to forget this. This may have happened early in the term. It’s going to be remembered again and again and again at the ballot boxes, both in 2002 and in 2004. Because stupidity has consequences, and this was one stupid move. I’m not even going to give the excuse of a mistake because these generals warned him he chose to ignore the advice.

I will point out that General Milley did address concerns about whether that was proper for him to be talking directly to his counterpart in China. He defended himself, saying that was within the scope of his job. I have said before, and I maintain that it is concerning it is concerning that a general would be trying to engage in diplomacy. And that is, after all, what I want is to have a State Department for that is why we elect a president. So I still question that.

However, I have maintained from the beginning. The military told Joe Biden, and now today in those hearings, that’s exactly what they confirmed. So, what the heck was the president thinking? What the heck was the State Department thinking? Americans deserve answers. This has to go all the way to the top. We need to have a hearing with Blinken and we need the president to answer these questions.

Let me turn to the other big thing making the rounds on Capitol Hill. Everybody wants to blame everybody else. You see, the Democrats are saying the government is going to shut down entirely. The Republicans fault. Republicans, however, saying, look, ‘the Dems are in charge. They’re the ones that can’t get anything done.’ And, you know, they should just come to us with a clean resolution, a reconciliation, a clean reconciliation bill, and we’ll get the deal done. But that’s not what they’re doing because they want to extend the debt ceiling, like, forever. Right. Because, hey, why not why not print money? What I mean, after all, if you’re the government if you’re the United States of America, what does it matter? In fact, if you talk to the guy who is the Democrat in charge of the House Budget Committee, he’d really say, what does it matter? Because we are after all, the United States of America is like the banker in Monopoly. I kid you not. This is actually what he said. I played it on yesterday’s program. I got to play it again for you because it’s just unbelievable and gives you, I think, a tremendous insight into how some of these people in Washington, D.C. think, listen:

Rep Yarmuth: we don’ have to balance our checkbook. We are like the banker and monopoly. We print the money and everyone else plays the game with it.

Trish: Oh, please. Oh, please, please, please, please.

Meanwhile, you know, everybody’s making the rounds, you get the White House and all their talking heads, they’ve been making the rounds on TV and somebody else is making the rounds on TV. He just happens to be the former president of the United States who sat down on Tuesday with Good Morning America to say, you know what, the three point five trillion dollar stimulus, it isn’t really three point five trillion because it’s spread out over a number of years at least. He’s not saying zero. So many of the surrogates, they’re all saying it’s going to cost zero. In fact, not just the surrogates. The president himself tweeting out over the weekend that this would actually cause zero anyway.

The former president, Barack Obama, he’s out touting this thing. And his whole idea is that you just need to make the rich pay. There’s lots of people that can pay for this, including now him, because now he considers himself one of those rich people anyway. Look, I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it again. They want you to think either one or two things. One, it’s going to cost nothing, or two, it’ll cost you literally nothing because it’s just the rich that are going to pay for it all.

Well, you don’t have enough rich to really pay for it all. High earners, they’re already paying the majority in the taxes, federal taxes.

The second thing is this ultimately always hits everyday Americans. It always hits the middle class. It always hits the poor, because once you keep soaking the rich, well, they have less money to invest. And so they don’t invest. And thus all those people suffer because they can’t find jobs or they don’t have as much growth in their wages. I mean, that’s what we have seen. Not during the Trump years, by the way, I would point out credit to his economic team that during those years after they put the tax cuts through, what did you see? Record gains in median income — something that we had not seen like in forever — we hadn’t seen a jump like that in median income with the average family gaining almost five thousand dollars more a year. And that’s adjusted for inflation. So that was very, very good news. But anyway, they want to either tell you it’s just the rich or actually none of this matters because it’s actually going to cause zero dollars. That’s what the president said. That’s what Jen Psaki said. Listen:

Psaki: [00:10:51] We’re right in the weeds of it now on what the size of the package looks like. But I will also note, and we’ve done this a little bit over the past couple of days, but that this package, the reconciliation package would cost zero dollars. [00:11:02][10.7]

Trish: Wow. OK, so it’s a it’s a big blame game and it’s it’s a lot of voodoo math, voodoo economics, as they would say. Right. You got to be kidding m!

I mean, look, I’m sorry – but, Americans are too smart for any of this.


I want to go back for a moment to the Obama interview on ABC News on Good Morning America. This is very interesting because while he came out in support of the three point five trillion, by the way, just think for a second how much money that is three point five trillion. I mean, his eight hundred billion dollars is feeling really quaint. I remember an eight hundred billion was like, oh, my gosh, Obama wants this eight hundred billion dollars to nowhere. And it literally was to nowhere because it didn’t do a darn thing to help this economy. We were barely growing at two percent annualized during the eight years he was in charge. Anyway, he pushed the three point five trillion. He pushed the idea of tax hikes, and yet he came out and said that the border situation was unsustainable.

I would absolutely agree with him on that. And it’s become increasingly massively difficult just in the last sort of four weeks alone as we’re dealing now with all the Haitians that are coming into this country there in Del Rio, Texas. And there’s no seemingly no real ability to control any of this. He said, and I quote, “We are a nation state. We have borders. The idea of open borders is unsustainable.”

That’s President Barack Obama who knew I’d be agreeing with Barack Obama. But you know what? This is not radical, for goodness sakes. I mean, it used to be that Democrats actually were aligned on this. They agreed it was Dianne Feinstein who famously said we don’t need and we cannot be the welfare party for Mexico. This was like 20 years ago. Wow. How times have changed. Right. Again, this is feeling quaint. (I mean, his $800 billion stimulus feels quaint compared to the $3.5 trillion.

And this comment on the border almost feels quaint. It’s quite divorced from where the left is currently going, but it’s spot on. I mean, we are a nation. I’m sorry, we are still a nation and we need to have borders. And that shouldn’t be controversial. So you can’t just open it up and say, “hey, come on, come on, we’re going to take care of everyone as much as we would like to.” Right? Americans are very altruistic people, but we need to have some law and order when it comes to our borders. So I thought that was an important point that he made.

And I encourage you to look some more on on my Web site, for more information about that, because we covered that story. We covered all these stories that you’re you’re hearing about here today. We have a regular news flow for you there. My team working diligently and hard to get all of those stories out to you. I want to encourage you to go to Trish Intel dot com and sign up for my newsletter. If you do that, you will get this podcast directly delivered to you daily. I also want you right now, if you can, to go to Apple, iTunes, Apple, iTunes and download the Trish Regan show. You can do the same thing on Spotify. It’s important that we get the word out. That your voice is heard, that my voice is heard, so spread the word, I am here and I am champion truth and freedom. It’s great to have you listening. I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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