Trish Regan: Russia Wants California And Alaska As ‘Reparations’???

Russia is making some outlandish demands, even asking for certain U.S. states, and Trish Regan is exploring the issue on her latest podcast.

“This is how you know that Russia has jumped the shark officially,” Trish Regan said on her podcast. “There was asking China for help in terms of military arsenal that it could direct at Ukraine, and then there was this. News…that some Russian state TV hosts are calling for reparations from the United States over the sanctions we have put in place. Putin’s lapdogs, its reported, are demanding…Alaska and California’s Ft. Ross and threatening nuclear strikes on the U.S…”

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden announced another $800 million in military aide for Ukraine, which has so far held out against the Russian onslaught.

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“The world is spinning out of control at a very rapid rate,” Trish added.

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