Trish Regan Show: Explosive New Report on Funding of Wuhan Research ‘What is Fauci Hiding?’

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What is Dr. Anthony Fauci really trying to hide? It’s a fair question. We ought to know we  by now just exactly what role the Wuhan Institute of Virology played in creating the coronavirus. Here we are a year and a half later, and we have no idea, despite news that guess what, our own NIH was sending checks to the lab in Wuhan for a gain of function research on back coronaviruses. Oh, but don’t tell Anthony Fauci that.

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Trish Regan show. I am Trish. And you’re not going to believe how defensive Dr. Anthony Fauci was when he was pushed in a series of questions by Senator Rand Paul. Listen to this:

Fauci: Senator Paul, you do not know what you are talking. Quite frankly, and I want to say that officially, you do not know what you are talking about.

Paul: This is your definition that you guys wrote, scientific research that increases the transmissibility of our transmissibility among mammals is going to function. They took animal viruses.  How you can say that is not going to?

Fauci: It is not.

Paul: It’s a dance. Because you’re trying to obscure a responsibility. For four million. I have to. Well, now you’re getting into something if the point that you were making is that the the grant that was funded as a sub award for equal help to harm created sars-cov-2. There will be responsibility. Including yourself.

(Trish Regan) Oh, Okay, so Fauci doesn’t like that. But you know what? Here’s the reality. He sat there, for over a year, and pretended that there was no chance in h-e-double l that this thing might have even come from Wuhan, let alone that we were funding it.

And yet, what do we now know? we now know, in fact…due to some previously undisclosed U.S. intelligenc…that three employees at the U.S. Institute of Virology fell so ill with symptoms that were consistent with Covid that they had to be hospitalized in November 2013. Now, China has repeatedly denied access to the WHO, to its health records, right? So instead of gaining information and doing the proper research to show… they, like Fauci, gave China a giant pass.

And they echoed the same line that you heard from the left in the mainstream media for so long. Oh, “this virus originated in a wet market and a story.” That’s all you’re going to hear about it, right? And Fauci was along for the ride.

Don’t forget what he told National Geographic in that big old article last year that came out conveniently enough right after Donald Trump had said he had seen intelligence that suggested it came from Wuhan. And when everybody went nuts, when they heard that whole conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory…well, National Geographic had this splashy article that said (courtesy of Dr. Fauci) that the science all showed that this virus had come from a wet market.

Only it may not have.

I have some really fascinating data to share with you, and I can’t wait to get to that. But first, a word from one of our sponsors.


Anyway, turning back to what’s happening. Speaking of meat and wet markets and I mean another reason why, for goodness sakes, you want to make sure that you know where your meat is coming from, don’t you?

Anyway, so this all goes back to Wuhan and the National Institute of Health and the money that we were giving Wuhan via a group called Eco Health for none other than gain of function research into back coronaviruses.

So I do want to know, why didn’t you tell us this from the get go and and why was our money going to China, of all places, to help fund very aggressive, very dangerous research? I mean, if you’re going to fund dangerous research, you’d think you’d know better than to send the money to China or basically we can’t trust anything coming out of there. Not even petfood. Right. So so why are you trusting them with such aggressive, dangerous research?

I mean, this is one we need some accountability. We need to hold people responsible. Whoever allowed this was willing to basically just shove this under the rug. This is a tragedy. And it was wrong. And, you know, I’ll tell you, we should have known better. Our government should have known better. Our NIH should have known better. The dangers were all part of publicly available information.

Wuhan’s Safety Violations Were Publically Known in 2017

In fact, Taiwan news went back and looked through the records and what did they find? But a report that was on. The CCP TV station. Airing December 29th, 2017, two years before this whole covid-19 outbreak, it was a report about the human lab and it showed how they clearly lacked any safety procedures.

Now, in this case, the Chinese media were trying to showcase this courageous the woman known as Batwoman and her team of wonderful scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were, because they were on this mission to discover the origins of SARS. And the point of the story was, oh, my goodness, they’re there risking their lives. And they showed the scientists on video without the proper protective gear. You saw one scientist holding a bat with bare hands. You saw other scientists collecting possibly infectious bat feces, wearing short sleeves, shorts, no. No protective gear. Right? Oh. Forget about that. There’s just a bunch of “courageous” scientists that the Chinese media is loving here. One scientist actually talks about how a bat’s things once went right through his glove and he described it as, quote, like being jabbed with a needle.

So, here’s what we know. It was publicly available knowledge. Taiwan news, like I said, went back and found the report in 2017 that this one lab was not following the proper protocol for safety. That is. So why, again, I ask, was the U.S. government giving over taxpayer dollars to the Wuhan Institute of Virology so they could continue their research into back coronaviruses? While our own government simultaneously knew this was pretty dodgy stuff, right, why would we do that? Why would we give 600,000 dollars of our money to these scientists? We never should have given them a penny. We did. We gave them a lot of pennies.

Why Not Admit the Mistake?

So I would just say, why not own up to it? Why would Anthony Fauci be hiding? You know, why wouldn’t why would he come out and say, look, you know, this is really messed up stuff. It’s quite possible. I mean, don’t we deserve to know the truth here? Doesn’t every American deserve to know that? Why wouldn’t he just say maybe we screwed up? Maybe we shouldn’t have been giving money to the institute that was researching this stuff?

I mean, these these are fair questions to ask. And I applaud Senator Rand Paul for asking these questions. It’s amazing how frustrated, how angry Dr. Anthony Fauci became. But, you know, his entire career, his entire legacy rests on this.

And I would just say it is time to stop being a bureaucrat own up to what’s what, because Americans, we deserve the truth.

A reminder, make sure you go to Trish Intel dotcom, download the podcast there, get my newsletter, sign up for it. Make sure you follow me on social media, on Rumball, on YouTube, on Twitter. I look forward to talking with you some more. I’m going to be right back here. We’ve got new developments in all of this. I’ll be here with you again tomorrow.

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