Trish Regan Show: “It’s a Sad Day in America when Billionaires Can Try To Dismantle Society”

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Billionaire George Soros is pumping $1,000,000 (his biggest donation so far this year) into a “defund the police” group. Here we go again, another guy with a private security team trying to dismantle the police for everyone else. This is all according to new Federal Election Commission data.

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Hello, everyone. I’m Trish Regan. Welcome to the Trish Regan show.

I really question what his motivations are. Look, it’s easy when you just think about this from a purely political standpoint. I get it. The Democrats are trying to drive a giant wedge. They want this division and they’re trying to use the police as an example to showcase this division and to kind of gin it up and to get everybody all emotional and say, ‘OK, we don’t need the police anymore.’

Look, you know what? I’m sorry. Charles Barkley said this quite well: ‘Who are you going to call? Ghostbusters.

You need the police in any given community. Now, there may be changes and improvements that you want to make to the police, but you don’t get rid of them altogether! What is this about?

Let’s talk about this group, Color of Change, The Color of Change PAC. This is the group that Soros donated a million bucks to. They refer to themselves as, quote, “the nation’s largest online racial justice organization.”  The amount he donated, keep in mind, was pretty generous, it was actually the biggest amount he’s given thus far in 2021, and it’s it’s to support this organization, this organization which hopes to minimize police budgets because its feeling is the police are the problem. If you just give more money to all these wonderful things like education and housing and parks and mental health services, then somehow you’re not going to need the police.

I want to share with you what their mandate is, because you need to understand where some of these globalists are putting their money.

But first, a quick word from one of our sponsors.


Anyway, getting back to this “Color of Change” PAC, which claims to have more than seven million members…It has it launched all these petitions to cut police department budgets. And they did this, of course, in the wake of the killings of George Floyd, Brianna Taylor. And so they they’re saying, you know, “police are the problem.”

I want to go to their online petition and share this with you. It says, quote,

“We know that policing doesn’t keep us safe. Communities do. Policing doesn’t lead to thriving communities. Investment does. Communities are in desperate need of things that keep us safe, housed and healthy, like investments in schools, jobs, affordable housing parks, mental health services, community centers and libraries.”

I have a few things to say on that. But hang on. Let me let me finish…”But time and again, police budgets are bloated at the expense of our safety. We must begin to envision the society that functions for all of us. And we must begin by divesting from and dismantling the systems that unjustly harm black people.”

Whoa, you know what? Just go to New York City, guys, and look at the crime rates in New York City, look at how people are getting beaten up in broad daylight. A 78 year old man on the streets of Brooklyn over the weekend getting beaten up in broad daylight. Or how about this? One hundred kids attacking a fireman. The New York Post has that story out over the weekend.

Look, we’ve got real problems that are a result of this crime, and people need to feel safe before they can do anything else. And–I love schools and jobs and housing and parks and all these other wonderful things. And we do need those things. But, you can’t say we’re going to pour all the money into that and not actually police the streets!

I mean, I love that they are thinking so of the human race that, somehow they believe they are never going to be any problems. If you just have enough school and enough housing and enough parks, then it’s all going to work out. Until it doesn’t, right? Until maybe there’s one or two bad apples and since they know that it doesn’t matter, that there are no consequences, then, they get to do whatever they want. And it turns into a “kind of Lord of the Flies environment”  which is exactly what some of these poor communities in our country have been dealing with.

Think of the backlash against the police that has resulted from, so many people protesting against them in groups like this pac, being funded by George Soros to the tune of a million bucks, that want to make everyone so fearful of the police.

Meanwhile, consider the police: perhaps they think, oh, well, maybe I shouldn’t be policing so much? Consider the retirement rates in the city of New York right now. It it’s really devastating to think that groups are out there trying–I consider it pretty malicious and highly irresponsible–trying to defund the police, especially when the people that are backing them, they’ve got all the money.

I mean, of course, George Soros, billionaire, worth over eight billion dollars, easy for him to say! And then there’s Cory Bush.

It recently came out that she spent 70,000 dollars on private security. Think about that, you know, security for me, but not for thee. None for you. That’s sort of the mandate here, it feels very Banana Republic-esque, because when you go down to places like Honduras (and I’ve spent a lot of time on the ground reporting in Latin America) Honduras, Tegulcigapa sticks out at me…because you know what? There were tons of gates and there were tons of armed guards. And any place that you were going to go had that security around it. But, of course, that security was paid for.

So what if you can’t pay for the security? What if you’re just an everyday kind of person that can’t afford the big giant security team? Then, you’re out of luck. What if you’re not a politician? If you don’t have the taxpayer paying for your security team, then you’re out of luck.

And, so look, I realize how emotional and raw and difficult. The George Floyd killing was awful and I’m not going to take any anything away from that, but I just want to remind people that our police officers are there to keep us all safe. And before we say we’re just going to do away with that (and them), you’ve got to think of the lon- term consequences. And that would not be a good outcome, so that’s why I go back to: why would George Soros do this? What is he really up to?

I think it’s a question worth asking. I mean, it’s quite possible he believes this PAC’s mandate. But if he does… and he’s clearly a smart enough guy to have made billions of dollar… I do sort of question, fundamentally, what’s really going on and whether all the wires are connecting! Because I understand the politicians —  they’re using this as a wedge issue, this super PAC just wants to get its people elected. So they’re going to use this.

But what’s in it for Soros? I guess the goal is to to get enough Democrats elected that you can move towards that sort of borderless society that he idealizes? I mean, I don’t know. We’d have to ask him, but it’s a pretty sad, sad day in America when billionaires can give this much money to basically try and dismantle the society we have, the structure we have.

The police enforcement that we have and so desperately need..

Biden Spends $2 Billion To Dismantle Border Wall As Record Number of Migrants Enter Country

I mean, talking about trying to dismantle things, I got to tell you about what President Biden is doing here. Spending more than two billion dollars to help dismantle the border wall as a record number of migrants record no flood into the U.S. every single day.

One hundred and eighty eight thousand eight hundred twenty nine migrants were stopped at the border last month. And yet he’s spending two billion of our taxpayer dollars, according to a brand new report by Congressional Republicans.

I mean, there’s been three million bucks a day! This money we don’t have, right? And it’s all to to pay for contractors that they need to hire to guard the steel and the concrete left lying around the desert. So rather than actually just finish the thing…. No, no, no. They want to somehow just waste more of our taxpayer dollars!

It, which is is really just so fundamentally wrong, right on every level, one hundred and eighty eight thousand eight hundred twenty nine migrants.

And don’t forget, by the way, they’re not welcoming those that are coming from Cuba. Don’t forget what Mayorkas said: “don’t come here. Don’t come here” and he referred to them as “migrants.” The 188,829 apprehended at the border…they call them immigrants. The Cubans, they call migrants.

Well, why do they want them here so badly while simultaneously trying to turn away anybody that’s legitimate refugee that might actually be killed by the regime if they go back to Cuba? Think about that.

I know the answer. I think you do, too. I think it’s all, once again, politically motivated. And this is why I keep saying our country is so broken. This is just disgusting, the politics of this moment. And we all need to stand up here for what is right…

Fauci Defends Funding of Wuhan Research: What’s He Hiding?

…which Fauci clearly has no interest in doing, Dr. Anthony Fauci over the weekend doing an interview on CNN, somehow justifying the 600,000 dollars that he gave to the Wuhan lab the NIH gave in 2014 for research into whether back coronaviruses could be transmitted to humans.

And he actually said on CNN it would be “negligent” NOT to fund the research.

I got to stop him there, because if you’re that interested in the research and it would be negligent not to be looking into this in terms of research, why not do it like in your own country or least in partnership with a country that you can trust?

It’s not as though China has been the best actor on this front.

I’ve said before, nobody’s even getting their pet food from China. Nobody wants toys or batteries from China because they don’t have the same quality controls, let alone start talking about gain of function research on back coronaviruses!

We’re getting that research from China? We’re paying them to do this when we know how risky this is?

And you know what’s so troubling is that he knew, he knew and going listen to my podcast from yesterday, because I got into this number one 30 episode 130 on this as well. Because he knew. He knew. Go back to emails from January, February, March.

And he knew that there was a real chance that this came from the Wuhan lab. But no one was willing to say that, and he spun an entirely different story, including in a big splashy piece in the National Geographic magazine where he’s quoted saying The only scientific evidence we have is that it’s come from a wet market.

And so Donald Trump is out there, right, saying he’s seen intelligence that suggests that maybe he came out of the Wuhan lab and yet Fauci is saying the exact opposite when he knew it could have come from the wound lab.

So, I want to know why people are so reluctant to give us the truth here. I mean, would it really have been that bad? I guess they just didn’t want to give Donald Trump an inch, was that it? They were fearful that that he might actually be right on this thing, so they had to completely shut it down and say it was a conspiracy theory to the point where you couldn’t even talk about this. I mean, I did. You know, I always do. And but, you know, you pay a price, right? I will pay that price. I’ve paid that price. And I’ll continue paying the price because I believe in our freedom of speech and I believe in truth and I believe the truth needs to be discussed.

But Anthony Fauci apparently just does not. And he’s such a bureaucrat to sit there and pretend. That this was somehow the right thing to do. How could it ever be the right thing to do if you knew that you were risking a worldwide pandemic and you’re giving money to the likes of China?

Who’s never going to have the same safety procedures I told you about this as well, Episode one 30, there’s a report by the Taiwanese media. They went back in and took a local report from the CCP television, ran in China where they talked about that woman, she Qingli and her team of scientists and how challenging and dangerous it was. But they were so committed to finding the cure for SARS that they were willing to take all these risks. And they showed in this video pretty lax standards. People weren’t following the proper safety procedures. There was one scientists in it. And I’ve seen it. And he’s describing in Mandarin, of course, how a bat’s fangs went into his flesh. So. This was not what you’d call, you know, a real button-up shop, and we knew that and we’re giving money anyway. And felt like we had to it would have been negligent not to. So if that’s the case, you know what?

This this virus is partly a result of his and our government’s mistakes. And somebody is going to have to own up to that. I commend Rand Paul. Senator Rand Paul has been all over this from the beginning and he’s continuing to pound Foushee in our government on this because it’s just wrong. It’s just wrong what we did. I want to remind you, go to Trish Intel dot com, Trish Intel dot com for more on all these stories and all your news on economics, on markets, on politics. You can check out the Trish Regan store and I will be back with you right here, as always, tomorrow.

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