Trish Regan Show: “Modern McCarthyism: Power Hungry Politicians Want To Obliterate Dissent”

This is a rush transcript of The Trish Regan Show, July 20, 2021 and may be updated.

Why is it always one side trying to cancel the other? Why is the left always trying to obliterate the right? The right, seems pretty darn tolerant when you hear what’s coming out of the mouth of the current president of the United States, as well as Bernie Sanders and a few choice others. Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Trish Regan Show. I am Trish Show.

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And this is a comment from Joe Biden. He apparently thinks that all the misinformation (and by the way, we can talk about what’s misinformation – They tried to tell us the Hunter’s laptop was misinformation, that there was no investigation into any of it. And it turns out there was.) But, he thinks that misinformation is being spouted by all of 12 people on the Internet and that accounts for the entire problem. So what is he doing? Making lists and taking names. And, you know what? I’m getting tired of it, but I’m also getting really worried.

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I’m getting worried because now the left has more power than they’ve ever had before. And if they jump into bed any more than they’re already in bed with big tech, then guess what? Those other points of view out there, they’re not going to be tolerated.

Listen to what Bernie Sanders is saying. He says that the Republican Party is all about conspiracy theories, voter suppression and climate denial. “They cannot be allowed to prevail,” he says. If they think differently and then suddenly that’s a conspiracy theory. I’m sorry, guys. I’m sorry. You want to talk conspiracy theory? How about that grand one that led the news every single night on all the left wing mainstream media outlets? Remember, Donald Trump stole the election. If Hillary Clinton was the rightful winner, had it not been for the Russians, what the heck do I think that was other than a conspiracy theory?

I mean, it’s all how you look at it. They’re going to say, oh, they’re conspiracy theories. And then the other side, we’re looking at it saying, my gosh, but that sounds like a conspiracy theory. But here’s what I am going to tell you: You know what? We don’t as conservatives, we don’t go that low. We don’t. They do. They do. And they do it over and over and over again.

Jen Psaki, not a very bright woman. You’re not going to believe what she was saying. I’m going to get to that in a second. But first, you’re watching these markets right now incredibly volatile.


There are going to be lots of changes, I think, economically coming. And we need to be prepared for this. But, it’s not just economically that we’ll see a shift. My concern is the social changes as well.

When you can’t speak freely because someone’s going to cancel you, I mean, how can we advance as a society? How can we continue to grow when we’ve got these not so swift political hanger-ons like Jen Psaki there in the White House who said and I’m going to quote her here: “we are in regular touch with social media platforms, flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.” She doesn’t have anything better to do, really. And then she goes on to say, “you shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others for providing misinformation out there.”

Oh, OK. Let’s back up, first of all, misinformation. OK, what is misinformation? She she specifically tweeted out that it was Russian misinformation about Hunter Biden and that darn laptop. Right. Don’t forget, they actually shut down the New York Post Twitter account as a result of that saying, oh, you know, this is misinformation. Turns out it wasn’t misinformation. It turns out the. The FBI was investigating all of it, you just weren’t allowed to talk about it because the favorite candidate didn’t want that, you know, damage to his or his son’s reputation. So misinformation can be rather subjective, don’t you think? Maybe we really shouldn’t call it misinformation. Maybe we actually had to leave it up to the public to decide. Right. The public can figure out. I mean, I’ve always been a big believer that the answer to wrong speech is more speech, right? Because I actually trust the American people and individuals to figure out what’s what. Clearly, Jen Psaki does not, nor does the president of the United States, nor Bernie Sanders, nor the whole lot of them anyway.

The other important thing in her statement was that she was saying you shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not from another. But wait a second. Has anybody here ever heard of a free-market capitalism? What our nation was founded on competition, different businesses. You heard me say in yesterday’s podcast how important this is and why I am on a variety of different platforms, because it’s critical that we help support some of the smaller ones, not just, you know, Facebook obviously has a tremendous following. But at what point is Facebook then become a monopoly on speech, especially if the White House is telling Facebook whether something can be posted or not? I mean, think about that. Think about what’s actually transpiring here. The White House wants to prevent you from seeing certain things. And so they’re flagging certain posts. And the tech companies, they’re so darn scared, they’re so afraid that the administration might break them up, then what do they do? They say, OK, oh, you want to get us to get rid of those 12 people that are really bugging you on Facebook, so be it. And then Jen Psaki saying, well, not only Facebook, we’re going to get rid of them everywhere else. You see where this is heading. You see why this is a problem.

I think about schools today that only want to advance one narrative. You know, I’m not that old, but back when I was in school, we actually prided ourselves on being able to discuss different topics like nothing was off limits. And that’s, frankly, how an academic institution should always be. Nothing should be off limits. That should be the one place where you have the freedom, the intellectual freedom to let your mind go a little crazy and venture down past that. Maybe you don’t agree with her you’re morally opposed to, but you think it through so that you can better hone your argument, better understand the other side that requires little empathy.

I’m convinced the left must have no empathy. It’s their way or the highway. They don’t have the intellectual or emotional capacity to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Well, it’s either that or they’re just plain old political animals.

The political wrongness of all this is really disturbing and it’s amazing that no one’s calling them out, and forget about within their own party. I mean, we can’t even find people on the left that are saying, wait a second, this is going too far. What about our freedom of speech? What about all of us as individuals? Doesn’t matter. There’s too much of a cause, right? Because that’s what matters.

I think it’s really feeling eerily like a kind of communist movement. I mean, I’ve said socialist all along. But increasingly, when you look at this rhetoric and you think about who it’s coming from. The left is moving closer and closer to a system of government that has failed every single country that has tried it. So why are we starting this now? Power, power.

AOC the Capitalist

Look at AOC Alexandro Ocasio Cortez, a self-described socialist who blames Cuba’s problems on the U.S.. Well, she’s just invested one point four million dollars in her online merchandise store to sell T-shirts that say ‘Tax the rich’ with her initials on it. Apparently, she’s a capitalist after all. That’s what you need to remember about all of these people, whether it’s the head of Black Lives Matter (who’s no longer the head of it.) But she was out there accumulating real estate to the tune of millions of dollars, going to fancy conferences where they could lounge by the pool for thousands of dollars. What is this really about?

It’s about power. It’s about money. So if they were honest with themselves and the world, they would admit. They’re really just plain old, simple capitalists, but you see, they’re never going to be honest because it’s a power grab. It always is, whether it be in Venezuela, whether it be in Cuba, whether it be in the former USSR, it is always about power and they’ll try and tell you it’s for the people.

Divide And Conquer

That’s the message right there, trying to divide and conquer. So it’s black versus white. It’s male versus female. It’s heterosexual versus homosexual. This is going to go on and on and on. And it’s rich versus poor. But increasingly in this environment, with policies like this administration is trying to put in, we will have more rich and more poor.

Hourglass Economy

You get what I call an hourglass economy with a lot on top and a lot on bottom. And everybody who’s just trying to do the right thing to go to work to save for their kids education, to save for their retirement, to pay their bills on time. They’re the ones that miss out in this environment where Joe Biden and AOK and Bernie Sanders want to help everybody on the bottom and encourage them not to go to work. Right. Because why go to work? That’s just going to help business. And we don’t want to help business because we hate business? The government is supposed to be the be all, end all. And by the way, ‘we’re going to run it.’

And Alexander Ocasio Cortez with her two apartments and her Tesla and Bernie Sanders in his couple houses, and Joe Biden, by the way, who went through hoops to save a stinking 500,000 dollars on, what, fourteen million dollars worth of income? I’m sorry, but you’re making that much money and you believe in taxes.

You believe in the socialist system. Why aren’t you giving it back? No, no, no. He went through hoops to save 500,000 dollars with a very aggressive tactic on his taxes. So don’t tell me that these people don’t care about money. Don’t tell me that they do. They want it. They love it. And they are going to use Americans and exploit Americans and divide Americans to get it. Please make sure you go to Trish Intel dot com, sign up for my newsletter. Make sure that they don’t shadow us, make sure that our voices are heard. You can follow me on Facebook, on me, we on Rumball, on YouTube, every social platform imaginable. Trish Regan is there. And it’s important that we support some of these smaller players because they matter in a time like this. And I hope I hope that Americans come to their senses very, very fast and the pendulum shifts back to normalcy. Back to the middle, back to America. Thanks so much for listening. I’ll see you right back here tomorrow.


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Liberals want to destroy America. Their radical agenda will pack our courts, change the voting laws, and take away our constitutional freedoms. That's why is important to Join My Newsletter and get the news directly from me.

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