Trish Regan Slams Biden’s Indecision on Venezuela: ‘You’re the President!’

Trish Regan is calling out Biden for his recent indecision on Venezuela, insisiting that with oil prices at $115 per barrel, Biden should stop being so political and instead help the American people.

Speaking on her podcast, The Trish Regan Show, Regan said, “sources tell me he’s [Biden’s] looking to reduce the sanctions. But, in typical Joe Biden fashion, he’s only doing it halfway. Actually, ” she said, “not even that. This is like baby steps. Baby steps. And none of it is helping the Venezuelans nor the American people. Again,” she emphasized,  “typical Joe Biden stuff. He’s so trapped by the politics of all this.”

Regan explained that she wants the U.S. to have a more positive and productive relationship with Venezuela in order to help improve the lives of the individuals and encourage freedom and democracy. “If we have a relationship with Venezuela,” Regan said, “we can better ensure democracy there.” The podcast host added that she was “also a realist” and that, “Venezuela is home to the largest source of oil in the world. That would be the Orinoco region. It’s bigger than Saudi Arabia’s. But they can’t get this stuff out of the ground. The corruption is horrendous. And then, you’ve got sanctions, right? So, even if they wanted to get it out of the ground with American help, they’re not going to be able to.”

Getting Russia and China Influence ‘Out’ of the Western Hemisphere

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Regan added a concern that many in the Western Hemsiphere share saying, “We certainly don’t want China and Russia having a relationship down there.” China and Russia, along with Iran, have all continued working with Venezuela in spite of the sanctions. “So this would be good for the U.S. in terms of helping to increase the energy supply that’s being brought here. I mean, right now they’re pumping some energy out of [Venezuela] and the oil is going on ships, sources tell me, to an island in the Caribbean where they change all the paperwork and they change the flags. And then,” Regan continued, “they take that ship and they send it [oil] all the way to Singapore, where they, again, change all the paperwork and change all the flags, and then they send it on to China.”

“So what if we said, ‘okay, forget about that, we’re not going to have sanctions, but you get to sell the oil to us. We’re going to have U.S. energy companies in there helping you to get this stuff out of the ground. And by the way, you get to fix things up. You get to have free and fair elections. We’re going to send a team of observers in to make sure that that actually happens.'”


“There’s a lot we could do,” she said, “and we could kick China and Russia to the curb.”

“That just would make sense, right? In terms of putting our country’s needs first. While simultaneously helping the Venezuelan people. That seems like a win-win to me. But, Joe Biden, again, is trapped by politics.”

Regan Slams Biden’s ‘Fear’ of Menendez: ‘You’re the President!’

Regan said Biden has too many groups to appease. “Sources tell me [he’s concerned] because he’s all green energy. So, how does he justify drilling in Venezuela while simultaneously being all about green energy? …That’s number one. The other thing that’s going on is that he’s got politicians out there like [Senator] Robert Menendez out of New Jersey who are very vocal and very, very anti the Venezuelan regime. And so they want to keep these sanctions in place. It’s important for Menendez’s political future. And so Joe’s trapped by all of that.”

“Well, I’m just sorry,” Regan said as though she was speaking to Biden himself. “You know what? You’re President of the United States. Stop being trapped. Do what’s right for the American people. And don’t ask questions. They’re going to hit you any which way it comes, whether it’s Menendez or Rubio. Nobody’s going to like what you’re doing. So just do what you think is right.”

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