Trish Regan Slams Kamala, Biden ‘The Politicization of the Moment Is Historic and Despicable’

Trish Regan, host of The Trish Regan Show, slammed the Biden Administration and Democrats around the country for their attempt to politicize election reform efforts by comparing them to Civil War struggles.

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Speaking on her daily podcast, Regan said, “You look at the left right now,…they’re trying to say that ‘It’s like we’re living in Civil War times. Give me a break. How disgusting and despicable is that they’re actually insulting every African-American that had ancestors that had to actually live through slavery by trying to suggest that it’s it’s all over again.”

She continued, adding, “Joe Biden making that comparison, the White House press person making that comparison. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Conservatives are just asking just asking that people show their ID like they would when they go into a building anywhere else in the country, when they go to vote, to protect the sanctity of American votes. I don’t think that’s asking for too much. But you see, if one party sees a leg up, they’re trying to take it. It’s really pretty pretty. Again, I use the word despicable.”

Regan was referring to recent comments made by President Joe Biden and his Press Secretary Jen Psaki who have said this is the “greatest struggle since the Civil War” and said the efforts today to require identification are similar to Jim Crow era laws.

WATCH the clip here and don’t forget to *subscribe* to the Trish Regan channel.

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