Trish Regan: So….Non-Citizens Can Vote Now?

New York’s new voting laws are openly inviting non-citizens to vote, but Trish Regan is calling out the dangerous new law.

New York City voted this week to allow 800,000 immigrants with green cards to vote. The measure also includes “Dreamers.”

“Non-citizens have the right to vote in New York City, they’re declaring this such a victory,” Trish Regan said on her podcast. “Eight hundred thousand people that are living in New York that are not citizens of the United States of America, they’re dreamers, they’re green card holders. They now can vote in New York City elections, and New York City thinks this is a real, real win. This is actually the beginning of a serious decline in our country…”

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Trish Regan went on to point out that this trend is happening around the country.

“This is already happening actually in more than a dozen places all over the country, including some parts of California and Vermont and other liberal places,” Trish Regan said. “But now it’s come to New York City, and so the idea is, if you’ve been living in New York City as a resident for 30 days, you now have the right to vote in an election. The left says ‘This is great. We’re making history”… but other people are including myself saying, ‘Wait a second here, what’s really going on?’

“Because just to be very clear,” she added. “It’s not like you or I can move to Mexico tomorrow, show up there for 30 days, even if we were legally working and legally living there and suddenly say, OK, I’m going to vote in a Mexican election, right?”

Regan went on to point out that there are economic consequences associated with policy that voters enact.

As as a citizen, you have a stake in this country’s direction,” she emphasized. “You’re  here for the long haul…you’re paying taxes for the rest of your life, whether you like it or not, whether you want to move somewhere or not.”

Regan pointed out that if give up citizenship, “Uncle Sam is going to take half of your net worth on your way out the door.” But, she added, “if you’re a green card holder, it doesn’t matter. You can leave tomorrow. You can go somewhere else. You’re not going to have to pay that penalty if you’re living elsewhere and holding onto a U.S. citizenship. We’re the country that still charges taxes. Nobody else does that.”

Given that “citizens are on the hook for all this money,” she continued, “don’t you think that we ought to be the ones that are deciding the future direction of this country and our cities?”

Check out the rest of Trish Regan’s podcast HERE.




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