Trish Regan: ‘There’s A Weakness in America Now, Thanks To Joe Biden’

President Joe Biden’s poll numbers and report card with voters have been dismal in recent weeks, and Trish Regan unpacked the source of Biden’s woes on her podcast.

A recent Morning Consult/Politico poll found 37% of voters give Biden an “F” for his work so far.

“That’s the grade they’re giving him after one year in office,” Trish Regan said on her podcast. “Not too good there. And then when you look at the rest of the numbers, it really doesn’t look that much better, especially when you see that fifty two percent of Americans are rating him as a quote, weak leader. Now, that doesn’t surprise me.”

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Trish pointed out that Biden has struggled on foreign policy issues around the globe.

“I mean, you see which what’s transpired over the summer in Afghanistan, you look at what’s happening right now in Ukraine,” Trish said on her podcast.

“We’re now sending weapons to Ukraine, $200 million worth. … it tells you that on the international stage, there’s a weakness right now to America, thanks to Joe Biden. I said the other day in the entitled ‘How Much Damage has Been Done’ because a lot has been done, a lot has been done to our reputation on the world stage, and that’s playing right out in real time right now as we look at this controversy unfolding between Ukraine and Russia and our inability really to do anything.”

She continued, saying, “I mean, hey, look, if I’m Putin, I’m saying, ‘well, I got Crimea with Obama. Why shouldn’t I get Ukraine now with Biden?’ It does speak to the perception of weakness that Americans have and frankly, probably the rest of the world has [of us].”

“A lot of people also don’t see him as healthy,” Trish added. “They don’t see him as being in good health, which understandably, you know, given his age, seventy nine years old and his inability to communicate at times really has hurt him. They also recognize his his lack of communication skills. And so just 20 percent are giving Joe Biden to be 18 percent grading him a C and just the smallest survey of people there are 11 percent would actually give him an A.”

All this could mean bad news for Democrats in the midterms this year.

“And this is why you see so many Democrats now trying to distance themselves as we get closer to twenty two from Joe Biden as they should. I mean, you know, having him on stage with you really is kind of toxic at this point, especially when everyday Americans feel like he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about things like inflation, food costs going up, housing prices going up, energy costs going up. Inflation is real. You’ve heard me talk about it at length. I predicted it. Sure enough, it is indeed here and it’s not getting any better.”

Want to hear the rest? Check out Trish Regan’s podcast HERE.

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