Trish Regan: U.S. In Major Economic Trouble

The U.S. is in major economic trouble amid soaring national debt and inflation, and Trish Regan is explaining what it all means on her podcast.


“We are on a path toward bankruptcy as a nation thanks to reckless spending, reckless money-printing, and now, the onset of a recession,” Trish Regan said on her podcast.

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Federal data released last week showed the U.S. economy shrank for six straight months, the standard definition of a recession. The Biden administration has tried to argue the U.S. is not in a recession, but several economists have pushed back on that claim.

“I know the administration doesn’t want to tell you it is a recession, two quarters of negative growth,” she said. “However, that’s the classic, textbook definition, and though they want to reinvent the wheel, and a whole bunch of other things, I’m here to tell you, we are in a recession.

“And my guess is it is going to get a whole lot worse,” she added.

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