Trish Regan: What The Federal Reserve Interest Rate Hikes Mean For You

The Federal Reserve has finally decided to do something about interest rates, and Trish Regan is breaking down what it means for you on her podcast.

“A little late. They are going to do a whole bunch of it though, they promise,” Trish Regan said sarcastically on her podcast. “This is the biggest round of increases we’ve seen in 15 years, so what does it mean for the markets. What does it mean for your investments? What does it mean for your future?”

“Even more inflation,” she said.

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The Federal Reserve approved an interest rate hike this week and said six more are coming.

“I’ve been pounding the table on this for a year and a half now,” Trish Regan said on her podcast. “It was very clear what was happening during COVID. You had the federal government printing checks. A lot of that money, by the way, never ended up going to the actual people. There’s estimates of $800 million of lost funds that went out there to people that aren’t even alive.”

Trish Regan said all this money injected into the system via the federal government has led to inflation.

“That added up to inflation,” she said. “The Federal reserve continued printing a lot of money.”

“The problem the Fed always faces, and our government always faces is, they overreact, and when they overreact, they overdo it,” she added.

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