Trish Regan: Where Will America End Up In New World Order?

America’s position in the world is realigning, and Trish Regan discussed where we may end up in her latest podcast.

“As the world is realigned at this moment in time, we have to think long and hard about where America’s position is going to be,” she said on her podcast. “On the one hand…I am very encouraged that we are seeing all of our European allies stepping up to the plate. I have gotten word that U.S. intelligence, along with British intelligence, has played a very large role in terms of what is happening right now, has helped guide the Europeans in their ability to work with Ukraine.”

However, there are indications, Trish Regan went on to explain, that China and Russia are aligning in ways that could prove “extrememly dangerous” to America’s future.

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She went on to raise questions about how far America is willing to go to stop Russia.

“You got to sanction the living daylights out of the guy,” she said. “The problem is, there are workarounds, and as long as there are workarounds you’re going to have the oligarchs and Putin’s inner circle still living the high life while the regular people there in Russia really suffer. And the problem with that then if you continue that forward is that Putin is then able to point to us as the scapegoat and say, it is all the United States of America’s fault.”

Want to hear more? Check out Trish Regan’s podcast HERE.

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