Trish Regan: Why The Red Wave Failed To Deliver

Election Day has come and gone, leaving many Republican voters wondering why the promised “Red Wave” never came.

Trish Regan is breaking down that question on her latest podcast.

“The red wave that wasn’t,” Trish Regan said on her podcast. “What went wrong, and what happened?”

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Trish Regan argues the Republican party now needs some introspection to ask some hard questions.

“I think it’s probably an appropriate time for the Republican party to start asking some of these questions because frankly, this ought to have been a layup. You’ve got a disastrous situation on the economic front, a disastrous situation on the border front. You’ve got problems, of course, overseas, which are going to lead to more economic problems here at home, and yet, somehow you didn’t get that big wave, which when you looked at some of the polls, suggested might actually happen.”

While Republicans do still have a path to take the Senate, though it will be difficult, and are expected to take the House, their performance Tuesday still fell short of expectations. Republicans in gubernatorial races also struggled.

“So, again, an important time for reflection, and an important time to think about what the future is because I think the future can be, could be, very, very bright,” Trish said.


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