Trish Regan: Why Won’t Biden Fully Sanction Russia?

The U.S. sanctions on Russia have become a topic of international attention and controversy, and Trish Regan is diving into the topic on her podcast.

“I don’t get it,” Trish Regan said on her podcast. “I don’t get what the Biden administration is so afraid of. Holding back on sanctions, and frankly, you ought to be using all the financial weapons and tools you can.”

Trish Regan pointed out that of the 20 richest Russian oligarchs, the U.S. has only sanctioned four of them.

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“Apparently the U.K… has sanctioned ten, so what’s going on guys?” she said. “Now if you want to tell me we are holding back because we think we’ve got some negotiating leverage, I’m willing to listen, but it’s very clear right now the negotiations are going nowhere.”

Listen to the rest below!

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